Xingyun Awards


Last Saturday (27 Oct.) was held The Third Xingyun (nebula) Awards, organized by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association (WCSFA).

Chinese sci-fi has attracted increasing attention in recent years. It is true not only in China but also in other places around the world. Western writers and readers are trying to seek clues about China’s future in sci-fi stories

Wu Yan, president of WCSFA.

Ten categories where included in the awards namely best saga novel, best short story, best commentary and best writer. The only awards that were left vacant were in the best science fiction, film and TV and most popular novel for mobile phone readers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the list of winners 🙁

A short (and not up to date) article about Chinese science fiction can be found on Wikipedia.


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  1. Yes, unfortunately, there is not a lot of info on Chinese SF,although it is a very interesting area.Some of it was also banned in China. Surprisingly or not, most of it deals with China taking over the world 🙂

  2. {Ten science fiction writers, publications and organizations won prizes at the third Xingyun (Nebula) Awards on Saturday.
    Among the winners were Wang Jinkang, 64 year-old retired engineer and one of China’s top sci-fi writers.
    He won best saga novel for his work “Be with Me”.
    Zhang Xiguo, from Taiwan, won the best nouvelle with “Excess of the world”.
    Chen Qiufan, a 31-year-old Google employee won best short story with “G stands for Goddess”.
    Wu Yan, president of WCSFA, work “Western science fiction classic literary theories” won best sci-fi publication of the year.
    A total of 210 books, paintings, movies and other works were recommended this year. More than 20,000 votes were received online and ten people and works were selected after the jury’s deliberations.

    About 200 writers, publishers, critics, movie makers from China, the U.S. and Japan gathered in Chengdu with more than 1,000 sci-fi fans attending the award-giving ceremony. Lectures, book signings and exhibitions were held during the sci-fi carnival}

    Science Fiction in China :

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