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    “Write The Future” is a new micro-conference on science, technology, communication and fiction, organised by the Arthur C. Clarke Award

    “Write The Future” is a programme of creative talks and presentations taking place on the afternoon of Wednesday 1st May this year, organised by the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction literature and taking place at the Royal Society in London.

    This event is launched on Kickstarter to help raise awareness and funds, and to offer the chance for all of you early adopters, creative-thinkers and future geeks out there to book super-discounted advance-priced tickets before the event is publicly announced.

    A great line-up of speakers, a fantastic and deeply historical venue in the Royal Society, and all we need now is you – an amazing audience – to help make this a truly inspirational event.

    What will Write The Future be like?

    “Write The Future” is a micro-conference designed as a programme of creative short talks on the transformative power of science, technology, communication and speculative fiction – drawing parallels between these interconnecting disciplines and showcasing the power of the human imagination.

    The concept is inspired by the life and work of science fiction author, inventor and futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarke, with each talk seeking to encapsulate a single inspirational and innovative idea from the fields of scientific research, digital disruption, creative communications and science fiction publishing.

    The speakers come from a deliberately eclectic range of disciplines and backgrounds, including Royal Society Fellows, senior publishing industry experts, digital innovators, renowned science fiction authors and filmmakers, and we will be updating all programme details here as soon as they’re confirmed.

    The event will take place from 12.30pm – 5.30pm on Weds 1st May, and here’s a taster of some of the ideas from our confirmed speakers so far:

    – Kinking Reality and Imagining the Future

    – Botworld. How the web won’t stay trapped behind glass

    – Wrangling Shamans, Snake Oil and Science Fiction

    – The Bionic City of the Future

    – Don’t Feed the Lizard Brain. Surviving the social media comedown

    Fables from the Fountain

    Fables from the Fountain reward is an anthology of original fiction written as a homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s famous short story collection, Tales from the White Hart, and will be offered to everyone who pledges their support a copy of this great collection.

    The book includes eighteen original stories by top genre writers including Neil Gaiman, Stephen Baxter, Charles Stross, James Lovegrove, Adam Roberts and Ian Watson, and is published by NewCon Press in partnership with the Arthur C. Clarke Award.


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