“Worlds and Beings” (the Romanian SF Anthology in English Translation) Book Launch

    Romanian SF is almost a century and a half old. And today, Romanian SF is still alive and vivid, with its sense of humour and lyricism and mocking exuberance. Science fiction is a global phenomenon, indeed !” – Cornel Robu

    The long-awaited launch of “Worlds and Beings“, the Romanian SF anthology in English translation (*the fifth of it’s kind, an exciting collection of the Best Romanian Contemporary Science Fiction), by the Romanian Cultural Institute Publishing House in the presence of authors, translators and the Editor – Horia Gârbea – on Saturday, the 19th of December 2015 at 11.00 AM EET (GMT+2 hours), is taking place at the Romanian Cultural Institute, 38, Aleea Alexandru (Alexander Alley), Bucharest, Romania.

    Romanian Cultural Institute

    coperta World and Beings fina...

    After the drafting, translation, revision and printing which summed up a year and a half, the anthology is ready. Before it’s destiny, which is an international, “Worlds and Beings” is launched in Bucharest, Romania.

    Please spread the word and notify as many colleagues, friends and acquaintances.Thank you.

    A comprehensive and panoramic survey of the contemporary Romanian SF. The balance sheet of the genre on the Romanian soil shows that science fiction is now enjoying a lot more dignity and cultural respectability. As for the future, I’m confident : with its yet untapped resources, serene and tenacious, Romanian SF keeps on running.” – Mircea Opriță

    „Worlds and Beings”, Contemporary Romanian Science Fiction Stories, Editor Horia Gârbea, Romanian Cultural Institute Publishing Press, 2015 (Bucharest, Romania)

    Selection and presentation of the texts by Horia Gârbea

    English translation by Magda Groza, Mihaela Mudure, Alexandru Solomon and Samuel Onn


    Horia Gârbea, Science Fiction in Romania. A Brief History and Justification

    Diana AlznerA Dash of Kindness 

    Rodica BretinThe Bride from the Garden

    Aurel CărășelThe Crack 

    Sebastian A. CornThePrincessfromtheMirror

    Ştefana Cristina CzellerWhere Are You Pedalling, Comrade Vasilescu?

    Dan DoboșAngels, Come out of Your Tombs! 

    Antuza GenescuThe Most Cheerful Man on Earth

    Antuza GenescuWorlds and Beings 

    Silviu GenescuMMXI (The Shortcut) 

    Mircea Liviu GogaThe Artefact

    Michael HaulicăGreyRay. The Duty 

    Michael HaulicăRons, Socketers and Knots

    Lucian Ionică, Among Other Mornings 

    George Lazăr, All of the Remaining Days

    Victor Martin, Naked People on the Streets

    Lucian MerișcaOutoftheBlue Catastrophe

    Ovidiu PecicanIn a Reddish Light 

    Viorel PîrligrasBack to Black

    Florin PîteaDiplomatic Relations 

    Cristian Tudor PopescuOmohom 

    Liviu RaduEl Dorado 

    Lucian Vasile SzaboI Remember the Baker 

    Cristian Mihail TeodorescuAmnesia

    Marian TruțăThe Clouds and the Sky

    Dănuț UngureanuFlight Over the Silent Mountain

    Romanian Science Fiction existed even before 1899, when the first Romanian SF novel by Victor Anestin (In The Year 4000 or A Voyage to Venus/ În anul 4000 sau O călătorie la Venus) was published.

    The first Romanian SF is a 1873 text published under the Latin title Finis Rumaniae (End of Romania) and was written by a still unknown writer who used a pseudonym,  Al.N. Dariu.

    Romanian SF  has a long history which began at the end of the 19th century.

    An excellent and compact overview in two parts of the Romanian science fiction  was written byAntuza Genescu (SF writer and translator), Silviu Genescu (SF author and journalist),Laurenţiu Nistorescu (SF writer and journalist) and Dorin Davideanu (SF writer and Editor of the Timişoara’s H. G. Wells Society fanzine Paradox) :

    A brief history of Science Fiction in Romania up to 1990” and “Science Fiction in Romania since the 1990 revolution
    and published on the UK’s The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation site.

    * The fourth previous Romanian Contemporary Science Fiction Stories Anthologies translated into English :

    Romanian SF Anthology_1994_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘94”, edited by  Romulus Bărbulescu and George Anania, presented by N.Lee Wood, Nemira Publishing House, 1994, Bucharest, Romania

    Romanian SF anthology_1995_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘95”, edited by Romulus Bărbulescu and George Anania, presented by N.Lee Wood and Norman Spinrad, Nemira Publishing House, 1995, Bucharest, Romania

    Romanian SF Anthology_1996_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘96”, edited by Alexandru Mironov and Sebastian A.Corn, english version supervised by N.Lee Wood, Nemira Publishing House, 1996, Bucharest, Romania


    “Twelve. A Romanian Science Fiction Anthology (Twelve of the Best Romanian SF Stories)”, edited by Cornel Robu, Sedona Publishing House, 1995, Timişoara, Romania

    Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthologies

    In French :

    Les meilleures histoires de science-fiction roumaine” (The Best Romanian Science Fiction Short Stories), Editor Vladimir Colin, Editions Marabout, 1975, Verviers, Belgium;

    Roumanie fantastique” (The Fantastic Romania), Editors Sergiu Pavel Dan & A.-B. Goorden, Editions “Recto-Verso”, Brussels, Belgium, 1983;

    Millenium Est” (Millenium East. Five Romanian Fantastic Short-Stories), Editors Horia Nicola Ursu&Jeff VanderMeer (Millenium Press, 2007, Satu Mare, Romania)

    In German :

    SF aus Rumänien” (Science Fiction from Romania), Editors Mircea Opriță & Herbert W. Franke, Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, München, West Germany, 1983;

    “Der redende Goldstaub” (The Voice from the Golden Dust. Romanian Science Fiction Stories), Verlag Volk und Welt, Berlin, German Democratic Republic, 1984;

    “Erkundungen II. 33 rumänische Erzähler” (Explorations II. 33 Romanian Short Stories Tellers), Editor Eva Behring, Verlag Volk und Welt, Berlin, German Democratic Republic;

    “Das präparierte Klawier” (The Prepared Piano), Editor Ion Hobana,  Kriterion Press, Bucharest, 1982

    “Die beste aller Welten, rumänische Science-fiction” (The Best of All Worlds, Romanian Science Fiction), Editor Mircea Opriță, Dacia Publishing Press, Cluj-Napoca, 1979;

    “Der stumme Android” (The Mute Android), Editura Tineretului (The Youth Press), Bucharest, 1968;

    In Polish :

    Uskok w czasie” (A Fault in the Time), Editors Ion Hobana & Danuta Bienkowska, Wydawnictwo Poznanskie/Poznan Press, Poznan, Poland, 1982;

    In Hungarian :

    “Téren és idön túl” (Away from Space and Time), Editor Judit Threton, World SF – Hungarian Section, Budapest, Hungary, 1988;

    “Az összerobbanás” (Implosion), Editor Akos Medgyesi , Albatros Press, Bucharest, 1987;

    Képzeletbeli utazások” (Imaginary Journeys), Editor Ákos Medgyesi (romanian SF short stories translated into hungarian of Ion Hobana, Cristian Tudor Popescu ), Albatros Press, Bucharest, 1986

    “Az átlépett látóhatár. Román tudományos-fantasztikus elbeszélések” (The Stepped Over Horizon. Romanian Science Fiction Short Stories, translated into hungarian SF short-stories of Ovidiu Bufnilă, Mihail Grămescu, Voicu Bugariu, Marian Truţă, Mirela Paciugă, Eduard Jurist, Mircea Opriţă, Cristian Tudor Popescu,  Leonida Neamţu), Dacia Publishing Press, Cluj-Napoca, 1975;

    “A kozmosz hullámhosszán” (The Wavelength of the Cosmos. Romanian Science Fiction Short Stories), Kriterion Press, Bucharest, 1970;

    In Russian :

    Romanesc SF_rusa_Fulgul alb antologie

    “White Feathers. Romanian Science Fiction”, Mir Publishing Press, 1966

    Romanesc SF__Nauchnofantasticheskie_rasskazy

    And last but not the least, “The Phantom Church and Other Stories from Romania“, Editor Florin Manolescu, (and author of the selection, introduction, chronology, bibliography notes) of the anthology of romanian fantastic literature, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996.

    This collection of Romanian fantastic short stories includes fiction by Vasile Voiculescu, Fănuș Neagu, Nicolae Velea, Petru Dumitriu, Dumitru Radu Popescu, Radu Cosașu, Mircea Nedelciu, Cristian Teodorescu, Sorin Titel, Mircea Horia Simionescu, Ov. S. Crohmălniceanu, Ana Blandiana, Dumitru Țepeneag, Ioan Petru Culianu, Mircea Eliade, Gabriela Adameșteanu, Gheorghe Crăciun, Mircea Cărtarescu, Ion Băieșu, Răzvan Petrescu, and Ion Manolescu.

    A splendid collection of short fiction, now in a first-time English translation, from the perpetually beleaguered little country whose writers have long struggled against political repression and censorship, most notably during the communist dictatorship. . . . An exemplary anthology.”–Kirkus

    This collection of Romanian stories sounds the unique depths of a world that has not yet lost its roots in the magic world of the fairy tale. The American reader will find here a world as exotic as that of Gabriel Garcia Marquez” – Andrei Codrescu, Louisiana State University, USA

    “How Modern Is the Modern Romanian Fantastic ?” by Ioana Zirra :

    “Romanian Science Fiction Short-Stories”, 1965

    Romanian Science Fiction Monograph – The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

    Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy translated into English

    Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Translated into French

    Fantastica Magazine’s Special Issue Dedicated to the French Science Fiction, A Romanian SF Magazine Dedicated to the European Speculative Fiction : the Polish Speculative Fiction, An European SF Magazine Dedicated to the European Speculative Fiction : the Czech SF, An European SF Magazine Dedicated to the European Speculative Fiction

    Colecția Povestirilor Științifico-Fantastice Anticipația (The Collection of the Science Fiction Stories Anticipation SF Magazine) – Romania

    “Utopia, Science Fiction, and Their Significant Others in the 21st Century” International Conference (Timișoara, Romania) : 8th-9th of May 2015


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