World Famous Film Director Bigas Luna dies at 67 during the shooting of a SF movie

    Bigas Luna

    The catalan origin film director, Josep Joan Bigas Luna, died on the 5th of April while working on his latest film, „Second Origin”, an adaptation of Manuel de Pedrolo’s 1973 SF novel, „Typescript about the Second Origin” (El manuscript del segon origen).

    Bigas Luna was currently working on a new project entitled „The Second Origin” shooted in 3D, a reflection on ecology and sexuality.

    The producer of the „Second Origin” is Carles Porta, who stated in an interview with Catalan radio’s his intention to continue the film.

    Bigas Luna is the author of well-known movies as „Las edades de Lulú” (The Ages of Lulu), and the Iberian Trilogy ( “Jamón Jamón” (Ham, Ham) – 1992, “Huevos de Oro (Golden Balls) – 1993, “La teta y la luna  (The Tit and the Moon)  – 1994).

    Bigas Luna was the discoverer of important movie stars like Ariadna Gil, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Veronica Echegui or Jordi Molla. Several of his films featured famous international actors as: Dennis Hopper, Stefania Sandrelli, Valeria Marini, Anita Ekberg, Francesca Neri, Olivier Martinez, Peter Coyote, Zelda Rubinstein, Maria de Medeiros, Benicio del Toro, Stefano Dionisi.

    An unfortunate coincidence makes that the russian film director Aleksei German also died (on the 21st of February) during the post-production of a SF movie, „History of the Arkanar Massacre” based on the Strugatsky brothers’ 1964 novel „Hard to be A God”.


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