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Where do German-speaking authors write?


Austrian SF-author Michael Marcus Thurner, who has published not only as a member of the “Perry Rhodan”-team but also outside this universe, has started a documentation on his blog based on similar efforts in the anglophone scene. The idea is to ask professional writers of SF and Fantasy to show their place of work – the area where their creativity enables them to produce the novels they publish. As Thurner himself confesses, he has been quite surprised by the response – especially the tidiness of many of the offices of his colleagues, who are either very orderly people or have cleaned up before taking the picture. Among those documented are Thurner’s “Perry Rhodan”-colleagues but also writers not connected to the series, including grandmasters of German-speaking SF like Herbert W. Franke or bestselling authors like Kai Meyer. The pictures featuring authors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be seen here.

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  1. Some have most certainly tidied up before and brought away the empty bottles around their computer. 😉 Nevertheless it is a nice idea. I remember that there is also a day on facebook when many authors post pictures of their places of working. I was mostly surprised about the number of cats shown on them. Every second author seems to have one or two of them.


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