Germany´s largest SF club celebrates its 60th birthday


    The SFCD, the oldest and largest German science-fiction society, is going to celebarte its 60th birthday. This special occasion will be celebrated on the event WetzKon in the city of Wetzlar, at the library for speculative fiction that hosts about 2.000 books.


    Phantastische Biobliothek Wetzlar

    The convention´s date is from July the 3rd until the 5th 2015. They are planning a program on both science-fiction and science. The guests of honour are Andreas Eschbach, Wolfgang Jeschke and Reinhard Habeck. Another highlight is the awarding ceremony of the DSFP, an award for the best science-fiction novel and the best short story on science-fiction.

    The event is also open for non-members. They are asked to register early as the number of tickets is limited.


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