Utopiales 2016 : The Winners of Prix Utopiales (France)


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    The 17th edition of the Utopiales reached a record attendance : more than 82.000 visitors !

    The 2016 edition theme’s was “Machine(s)”.

    Between the internationals guests were Paolo Bacigalupi, Norman Spinrad and Ann Leckie.

    Utopiales is an annual Science Fiction Festival held in Nantes (France), the largest European SF&F event.

    It covers SFF, film, related arts, comics, role playing games and animation from a distinctly European point of view.

    Utopiales was found by Bruno della Chiesa and it’s organized by the “Association du Festival International de Science Fiction de Nantes”.

    The winners of the 2016 Prix Utopiales were:

    Prix Julia Verlanger (Best SF/F Novel)

    “Le club des punk contre l’apocalypse zombie” (The Punks’ Club against the Zombie Apocalypse) – Karim Berouka

    Utopiales European Award

    anna-starobinets-le-vivant “Le vivant” (The Living, 2012) – Anna Starobinets (Russia)

    (translated by Raphaelle Pache at the Mirobole Publishers)

    Utopiales European Youth Award


    “Empreinte digitale” (Digital Fingerprint) – Patrice Favaro

    Utopiales Award for the Comics Album


    “Nefer : chants et contes des premieres terres” (Nefer: Songs and Tales of the First Lands) – Arnaud Boutle

    For more information see the Utopiales website.









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