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    “Universe Pathways Editions” is a publishing house that was founded in 2005. It specializes in fantasy literature and all its sub – genres (science fiction, military science fiction, space opera, cyberpunk, high fantasy, sword and sorcery, horror), in historical fiction novels (with references to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and the Byzantine Empire), in biographies and in books pertaining to rock and metal bands.

    “Universe Pathways Editions” has published or obtained the publishing rights for the books of some of the world’s most renowned authors of fantasy literature, along with books concerning some of the best known bands of Metal. Here we can mention: Larry Niven (the continuation of the legendary book series “Ringworld”), Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson and others. Currently “Universe Pathways Editions” is negotiating the publishing rights of several other books.

    Greek writers that have published with it include Antonis Pasxos, a well known Greek writer of heroic fantasy, and Anthippi Fiamou, a well known Greek writer of heroic fantasy and historical novels.

    Also, since 2005, it publishes every three months Universe Pathways magazine, which focalizes on fantasy literature.

    “Universe Pathways” is a Greek magazine specializing in Science-Fiction, fantasy, horror literature and art. The magazine will publish stories and artworks from Greek writers and artists but also from writers and artists from all over the world. We also accept music, paintings and comics as well as articles about cinema and modern Science. Our magazine is open to everyone.

    We wait for:

    • Short stories of horror, fantasy, sci-fi.

    • Poems of horror, fantasy, sci-fi.

    • Articles and essays about terror, fantasy and sci-fi literature and also about science and technology (physics, astrophysics, cosmology, etc).

    • Comics, fantasy art, digital fantasy art.

    • Reviews of books, music and cinema.


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    George Sotirhos is a science fiction writer from Greece. For the past seven years he is the publisher of the Greek science fiction publishing house UNIVERSE PATHWAYS and the chief editor of the Greek science fiction magazine UNIVERSE PATHWAYS


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