Under Tomorrows Sky, an exhibition in Eindhoven, Holland

    Under Tomorrows Sky, Speculative visions of a future city, an exhibition by the the English think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today (TTT) at MU Foundation in Eindhoven. The exhibition opens for Dutch Design Week on October 20th.

    The architect Liam Young had started a comprehensive project entitled “Under Tomorrows Sky”, in which the city of the future comes to life. After an initial think tank (the contributors include futurist and SF writer Bruce Sterling, graphic novelist Warren Ellis, scientist Rachel Armstrong. Paul Duffield, BLDGBlog, Edible Geography, Next Nature, The Centre for Science and Imagination and New Scientist) came together in June to sketch the contours of this city, it will actually be erected at MU at the end of July, and will be open to the public from August 10th. The idea is that this model of a city will serve as the décor for stories created by writers, film makers, artists, game developers, philosophers, designers, and of course the public, on urban life in the future.

    Since 1998, MU Foundation (the name MU is derived from a Japanese character meaning ‘synergy’)  has been located on the first floor of De Witte Dame, a former Philips factory in the centre of Eindhoven. Among the other parties located in De Witte Dame are Design Academy Eindhoven, Philips Design, Openbare Bibliotheek (Public Library), and CBK De Krabbedans (Centre for Visual Arts De Krabbedans).

    MU : Emmasingel 20, 5611 AZ Eindhoven, Holland

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