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Two interesting articles


For those who are concerned about science fiction evolution (or involution), we recommend two interesting articles. First: Cowardice, Laziness and Irony: How Science Fiction Lost the Future by Jonathan McCalmont. Second, in response to first: Has 21st Century Science Fiction Gone Cowardly? Or Worse… Nostalgic? by David Brinn. First article has generated heated comments and various opinions. The second article will generate, probably, as many comments as first did.

Two diametrically opposed articles, one wonderful battle of ideas.

But… who would be right?


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  1. It’s the debate that’s important, the exchange of ideas, concepts, arguments.
    It all has started with Paul Kincaid’s review (The Widening Gyre: 2012 Best of the Year Anthologies) from L.A.Review of Books :

    and shortly after, one can count approximately 6.340 results displayed as results on typing the review’s title.

    On Paul Kincaid’s blog, a summary of the most important generated articles to his review :

    But let’s not forget Neal Stephenson’s article “Innovation Starvation”:


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