The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation pays homage to Philip K. Dick

    This year marks the thirtieth commemoration of the death of Philip Kindred Dick (1928 – 1982).

    From Monday the 12th of November to Friday 16th of November on the italian-speaking Switzerland Radio (Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana), Retedue (The Second Channel), at 17.35 GMT+1 : the radio show „Blue like an orange : Philip K.Dick ” by Matteo Severgnini.

    Philip K. Dick is famous both at home and in Europe (in France and Italy in the Eighties he became a real cult writer), as one of the most important science fiction authors, along with Asimov and Bradbury.

    In this series of episodes Matteo Severgnini also takes advantage of the contribution of the italian writer and translator of Dick, Tommaso Pincio, and want to make a brief foray into the Dickian world, focusing on how the writer’s life influenced his writing, emphasizing the relationship with the U.S. government and highlighting the similarities and differences between the writer and the other great American authors of science fiction, especially Asimov and Bradbury.

    12.11.2012 : “Adolescence and the relationship with drugs and medicines” – with Tommaso Pincio

    13.11.2012 : “The relationship with the U.S. government” – with Tommaso Pincio

    14. 11.2012 : “Philip and his neighbors: the real world and the transdimensional world” – with Tommaso Pincio

    15. 11.2012 : “Dick, Bradbury and Asimov : The three great writers of american science fiction: similarities and differences” – with Tommaso Pincio

    16.11.2012  : “You can not write about aliens and spaceships and be serious” – a provocation.


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