“The Singularity” : A New European SF and Fantasy Fiction Magazine

    The Singularity

    © 2015 by Lee P. Hogg

    The Singularity has now launched.

    The Singularity” is a brand new SF and fantasy fiction magazine, based in London, England, that publishes short stories that are singular in voice and style. “The Singularity” is particularly interested in science fiction, slipstream, cyberpunk, weird fiction, steampunk and humorous stories – owing to their relative rarity.

    Issue 1 features ten weird and wonderful stories from award-winning and new writers from around the world.

    Issue 1 TOC :

    Qubit Conflicts“, by Jetse de Vries (The Netherlands)

    The Sleeper“, by Tim Major (UK)

    Dragon’s Bane“, by Jorge Salgado-Reyes (UK)

    A Window Into The—“, by Andrew Wilmot (Canada)

    Free Range“, by Suzanne Church (Canada)

    Remembrance Day“, by Craig Lincoln (Australia)

    Does It Smell Red ?“, by Jed Morgan

    Low Ground“, by Matthew Spence (US)

    Walther PKD“, by Jeff Kuykendall (US)

    Dunce“, by Mike Russell!stories/cfvg

    Issue 1 is available on Amazon Kindle:


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