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The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation’s full 2016 summer season edition (U.K.)


SF2 Concatenation

science fiction sci fi science fiction news science fact & science fiction european science fiction
The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the
british seasonal review of the European science fact and science fiction.
Formerly the (1987-1997)
annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF
convention.  Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere’s
spring, summer and autumn.
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New up we have our 2016 Summer edition of SF news (covering books, film, TV, forthcoming books, scienceetc.) and reviews as well as book listings of the SF, Fantasy andScience books you can expect in the shops this spring. This large-ish news page also has our recommendations as to the Best SF Books of 2016 and Best SF Films (with links to trailers).  Elsewhere in the mix we have a few convention reports as well as our diary of 2016 national conventionsand forthcoming SF/F films.

See ‘Most recently added’. Enjoy.

An Anglophone Non-Anglocentric SF Site ?

Really ? Is it possible or is just science fiction ?

Reading any anglophone newspaper, magazine or site, one has the impression that the anglos are living in a parallel universe, on a 100% Anglo-Saxon Planet (in a solipsistic and autistic, autarchic and infused with self-importance and imperial arrogance), not on Planet Earth were the native anglophones are barely 5% from the total world population of 7,2 billion inhabitants.

Anglocentrism is the practice of viewing the world from English or Anglo-American perspective, with an implied belief, either consciously or subconsciously, in the preeminence of English or Anglo-American culture, centered and focused on the AngloSFere,  especially in relation to historical or cultural influence :

Native speakers of English influenced by the unique prominence of English act differently than members of other cultural groups. They take their own superiority for granted and allow it to unconsciously shape their subjective world views. Native speakers of English are uniquely less-likely to learn other languages, feel the need to integrate with other cultures, or admit to and accommodate the existence of other cultures in their home countries.  No need to learn a second language, because “everyone speaks English.”

Lack of respect of minority language rights: “Why don’t they just learn English ?”

“SF2 Concatenation” it’s an absolute exception, an English pro-Europeanist (in favour of European co-operation and cultural interchanges) SF site which is just a miracle in such a provincial and closed and nombrilist society as England’s, a 3% country :

When it comes to international literature, English readers are the worst-served in the Western world.

Only 3% of the books published annually in Britain are translated from another language; fiction’s slice is less than 1%.

This contrasts sharply with continental Europe: in France, 28% of books sold in 2015 were translations; in Germany, the figure was 38%, according to Literature Across Frontiers, a translation advocacy network. Yet the bias for English literature appears to be universal: two in three European translations are from English, and about 40% of all novels published in France and especially in smaller European countries, the number of translations from English can reach an incredible 80% of all translations.” 

Indeed, an united and independent Europe is increasingly necessary, while a politically divided one would bring disadvantages in many areas, including the economic, cultural, political, social, scientific, diplomatic and military arenas. A major argument is the relative small size and importance of the individual European countries with respect to the current and rising powers on the world scale. The individual European countries would then have limited geopolitical influence and would be unable to represent their own interests effectively.

On the other hand, an united Europe, with a population and an economy larger than that of the United States, is a viable partner, or competitor, whose opinion and interests is be taken into account on the world stage.

The SF2 Concatenation only does three seasonal (spring, summer and autumn) editions a year and so any assistance you can lend in alerting the European SF community that a new edition is up is appreciated (by us and Europa SF Portal’s followers into European SF).


Hopefully some Europa SF regulars will wish to drop in to the http://www.concatenation.org  _SF2 Concatenation.

Twitter if you are on twitter and wish to re-tweet to your site/blog regulars !

Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation


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