The Polish SF Film “The Man with the Magic Box”

    The Man with the Magic Box” (Polish: Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem) is a science fiction dystopia thriller film directed by Polish film director Bodo Kox (born April 22, 1977, Wrocław, Poland, birth name: Bartosz Koszała).


    2017: Asteroide Award of the International Trieste Science+Fiction Festival
    2017: Award for music at the Gdynia Film Festival, Poland
    2017: GreenBox Award at the Bluebox Film Festival, Olsztyn, Poland

    The film is set in 2030 of Orwellian Poland and involves elements of time travel to the times of Communist Poland of 1950s.

    Bodo Kox is clearly a film buff, bringing together a character from Jean-Pierre Melville’s crime films, themes from ‘Blade Runner’, the dystopian atmosphere of ‘Children of Men’, Hollywoodian vibes from ‘Men in Black’ and David Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’, as well as hints of late Polish maestro Andrzej Żuławski’s works, besides many others. The movie also impresses with its bleak vision of Warsaw 13 years from now. Torn between the modern West and the savage East, and once again under totalitarian rule, the Polish capital is as alluring as it is distressing.” – Ola Salwa

    Polish SF film ‘The Man With Magic Box’ reverberates with myriad influences from Terry Gilliam and Steven Spielberg to Andrei Tarkovsky – it even manages to get an overt reference to 1997’s ‘Men In Black’ during the opening moments. Set in a dystopian future, the film’s time travel plot will be of comforting familiarity to the genre crowd it is clearly aimed at.” – Laurence Boyce



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