The Paris Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire (Wonderful & Imaginary Film Festival) : July 2nd – July 4th 2015

    © Ionuț Caraș & Jessica Bianconi

    The 6th édition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire is taking place from July 2nd until the July 4th 2015 in Paris with the support of the French commission of UNESCO. The Festival’s venue is Theatre Douze (The 12th Theater), 6 Maurice Ravel Avenue, Paris. Free entrance.


    This unique festival celebrates many things such as wonder, dreams,  wonder, dreams, imagination, magic, fables, fairy tales, poetry,  mystical and legendary, comics, the supernatural, manga, vampires, unicorns, fantasy, science fiction, video gaming, storytelling and innovation.

    The Festival du Film Merveilleux is organized with support from the UNESCO French commission (patronage) : 33 short films were screened, 23 of which were competing, 2 documentaries from our partners Surfrider Foundation Europe (on the subject of oceans), and 2 television series (Chronicle Metal Hurlants).

    The Festival promotes films celebrating the imaginary, the Wonder and magic from all over the world. The themes of the Film Festival are magic, the imaginary, the marvelous, the supernatural, the occult, the strange, the esoteric, poetry, the fantastic, science fiction and myths, legends, comics, manga, video game, dreams…It’s a film competition that follow the themes of the festival.

    The jury is composed of Christine Mazereau (Europe Culture Relay /Media Desk France), Cynthia Landon ( film and TV producer), Rhonda Richford (Hollywood reporter), Carlos Lascano (director), Liam Engle (director), Raphael Nominated (filmmaker. org).
    Cloud 21 PR  will hand the Cloud Price 21 Award to the winning director (one month of service and consulting in digital marketing : $ 1,000).

    It’s a film competition that follow the themes of the festival, a non competitive section for school (the Kaleidoscope ), a digital art exhibition and master classes ( The digital art & movie lab ) and The “Quart d’heure americain” a competitive independant american movies programme.

    The Festival’s sections are “The 2015 Movies around the World”, “Kaleidoscope” and “Quart d’heure américain” (American Clock Quarter ).

    During the festival’s first night, all the talent of young American authors and artists in our “Quart d’heure américain” is illuminated : The “Quart d’heure americain” is a competitive independant american movies programme, a short film screening featuring independent american films. The festival aims to promote american independent cinema and up and coming american film creators. As the highlight of this annual festival,  a projection of several short films written and produced by american writers and artists is proposed.

    For the“Kaléidoscope” event, the festival’s academic partners can appreciate the matinee programming crafted just for them. The “Kaleidoscope”, is a non-competitive section. The goal is to help rediscover different cultures and our planet. With the Kaleidoscope the cultural artistic varieties of the world and their civilizations is promoted in a fun and magical way. The Kaleidoscope exposes and shares the magic and beauty of this world as we seek to discover and rediscover through the eyes of children, the beauty and the richness of our world and our civilisations:

    – „Gisèle & Béarnie” by Charlène Chesnier

    – „Lila” by Carlos Lascano

    – „A Shadow of Blue” by Carlos Lascano

    – „A Short Love Story” by Carlos Lascano

    – „Premier Automne” by Aude Danset et Carlos de Carvalho

    – „Imaginarium” by Pedro Miguel Rosende

    The organizers :  Bénédicte and Jérémie Beaugeois, Maureen Gerby, Kristopher Aleman, Léa Auger, Jessica Bianconi, Benoit Boyer, Chinwe Chukwuogo.

    The 6th edition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire de Paris : Théâtre Douze, 6 Maurice Ravel Avenue , 75012 Paris, France.


    Ionuț Caraș, Digital Artist :!



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