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“The Ninth Expansion” – new shared-universe-series in Germany


In December one of the biggest small presses in Germany, Wurdack Press, has officially announced the launch of a new shared-universe-series to be published from autumn 2013 onwards. Tagged “The Ninth Expansion”, a number of German writers will establish a shared universe with distinct novels connected by a common background-story evolving slowly. Wurdack Press seeks a replacement of its very successfull reprint of the “Mark Brandis”-series, which will be finalized in summer 2013. While “Mark Brandis” is a household-name for German SF-Fans, with many of them growing up with the famous series during their youth, “The Ninth Expansion” will try to establish itself at the forefront of modern German space opera. The official launch event will take place at the DortCon beginning of March 2013.

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