The German Science Fiction along thirty years of Kurd Lasswitz Award

    On the 19th and 20th of October 2012 will be held in Nancy, France at the Lorraine Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (Maison des sciences de l’homme) a two days seminar on “The German Science Fiction along thirty years of Kurd Lasswitz Award”.

    The Kurd Lasswitz Award had started in 1981 ( Andreas Eschbach, Herbert W. Franke, Frank Schätzing, Herbert Rosendorfer, Carl Amery, are among the most famous winners. This conference, organized by the German Department of the University of Lorraine – Nancy, and the Center for Intercultural Germanic Studies from Lorraine (CEGIL) explore some of the award-winning novels, in terms of their interest in literary, scientific, aesthetic and cultural dimensions and raise the question of the vitality of the German language science fiction. The conferences will be held in french and german.

    Lecturers : Herta Luise Ott (University of Grenoble), Hans Esselborn (University of Cologne), Judith Wisser (University of Nancy), Dominique Doucet (University of Nantes), Simone Orzechowski (University of Metz), Françoise Willmann (University of Nancy), Torsten Mergen (University of Saarbrucken), Beatrice Wilke (University of Salerno), Maria Hinzmann (University of Wuppertal).

    MSH (Maison des sciences de l’homme) Lorraine
    91 avenue de la Liberation
    International Room 324
    3rd Floor, 54000 Nancy, France


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