The Gérardmer International Festival of Fantastic Film

    The Gérardmer International Festival of Fantastic Film – 30th of Januarym, 3rd of February 2013

    In 2013, the Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival (Festival International du Film Fantastique de Gérardmer) celebrate its 20 years of existence. 20 years of thrills, dreams and mysteries. Enki Bilal, the famous comics artist is the President of the Jury, Lionel Chouchan, the Creator & Managing Director of the Festival,  Bruno Barde, the Festival Director and Pierre Sachot, the  President of the Fantastic’arts association.
    The 2013 Gérardmer Film Festival will feature many fantastic films released in four cinemas and will launch an Arts Festival, too: comics, literature, painting, video, short films, animations. Access to the Festival cinemas is payable. Access to exhibitions and animations is for free.

    The Gérardmer International Festival of Fantastic Film is taking place every year since 1994 in the town of Gérardmer in the Lorraine region (Vosges county, France) in late January. Gérardmer took over the Avoriaz International fantastic Film Festival (1973-1993). The Gérardmer International Festival of Fantastic Film showcases the fantasy films through a competition of short and feature films, Special tributes sessions, “Nights” and side events (meetings, exhibitions, openings).
    Called “Fantastica” until 1996, the festival later became named “Fantastic’Arts”, thus emphasizing its openness to other forms of art than cinema. Since the 2009 edition, the name “Fantastic’Arts” gave way to the usual title of the Gérardmer Film Festival. Every year some personalities are present to constitute part of the jury, but also to present their works, as french SF writer Bernard Werber, who comes every year to show his books on the Place du Tilleul (Linden Square). The festival features all kinds of projections: features and shorts, nights devoted to a movie or a writer, video projections.

    Two themes will be addressed this year: “The Fantastic Visuals”, in collaboration with the Ile-de-France Film Commission and Paris SFX: creators of special effects will interact with film directors on the importance of visual effects and the latest technical advances.
    A second theme is “Is the fear it more feminine than masculine ? “ And a panel will focus on the role of women in fantasy films, from “scream queen”, and brave heroine “final girl”.
    There are many opportunities for the festival goers to understand and analyze the inseparable tools of its kind, and mythical figures.

    „The International Festival of Fantastic Film Gerardmer, in partnership with the International Festival of Fantasy and Horror Morbido (Mexico) and the French Cinematheque is pleased to present the work of the most iconic film directors fantastic Mexican Carlos Enrique Taboada, “The Duke of Terror”.”

    The Gerardmer Festival is not only a festival of films broadcast but also likes to multiply contacts and exchange of “verbal events” by organizing round tables/panels on themes. The 20th edition will offer, in this sense, two appointments organized, as every year, in collaboration with the Region Lorraine: Fantastic Encounters.

    This meeting will focus in 2013 on two angles: first, selected in partnership with the Ile de France Film Commission, will discuss the special effects in the fantasy films. The special effects will be presented, discussed and explained by specialists who will return to their evolution and their place occupied the seventh art. The roundtable will be an opportunity to note that, in this area, the French are not left out and enjoy an excellent international reputation. A debate that promises to be interesting while wanting accessible to all.

    The second theme will address the issue – oh so exciting – as follows: “Is the fear more feminine than masculine ? “. This problem – also through the official 2013 poster – will be addressed in all its aspects. Outside the traditional archetypes horrific as the “final girl” or “scream queen,” a banal daily event drift, a familiar figure whose behavior switches without warning, are a source of other forms of anxiety that women seems more sensitive than men. For the debate, many women will be present, reflecting different possible angles of this film sensitivity: director, actor, journalist …

    2012 Awards of the Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival

    Grand Prize Best Film

    „Babycall”: Pål Sletaune (Norway)

    Jury Prize : „The Awakening”: Nick Murphy

    SCI FI Jury Award : „The Awakening”: Nick Murphy

    International Critics Award : „Babycall” –  Pål Sletaune




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