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The Fantastic Short Story Competition (Sweden)


This was the 13th run of this competion (in local lingo known as “Fantastiknovelltävlingen”) arranged by the science fiction/fantasy/horror writers’ e-mail list SKRIVA, with support from the local writers’ group Novellmästarna (“Short Story Masters”).
The winners, decided by a jury (writers Niklas Krog, Pia Lindestrand and Karolina Bjällerstedt Mickos) share a total prize sum of ca 200 Euros.
The three in top, among 118 entries, were:

1st prize “Hemliga lådan”  (“The Secret Box”) by Robin Karlsson
2nd prize “Tvättstugan” (“The Laundry Room”) by Jonas Lejon
3rd prize “Inbjudningskortet” (“The Invitation Card”) by Patrik Centerwall

The 14th of this competition for Swedish short stories in the fantastic field will be announced in the spring 2013.
Six honourable mentions were also given. These, and the story comments from the jury, can be found at http://www.skriva.bravewriting.com (unfortunately, only in Swedish).

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