The Dutch are coming 3: Chantal Noordeloos

    Chantal Noordeloos is one of the very few Dutch-speaking authors who write solely in English. Other names that come to my mind are Jetse de Vries and Floris Kleijne, although the latter seems to be writing stories in Dutch as well now. chantal noordeloos loves horrorWriting in a foreign language has its reasons. One of them is that people have been in an foreign environment for a substantial period, so they are familiar enough with the language to write in it. This is the case with Chantal. She studied English and subsequently lived in England for three years. Apparently that was enough for her to feel at home writing in English. She even told me that it feels better than writing in Dutch.
    As is the case with most writers Chantal was writing down stories from the moment she learned to read, but she didn’t fully appreciate the story-telling aspect until she was fifteen. She practised a lot in her teens but it took some time before she dared to think about getting published. When she did the books followed each other at an impressive rate. So far she has published five books: the horror novelette ‘Pride’, the short story collection ‘Deeply Twisted’, the horror novel ‘Angel Manor’, first in a series, and two novels in her steampunk-western series ‘Coyote’. cover coyote the outlanderAnd although horror is her go-to genre, as she states herself, she is now working on a dark fantasy YA novel and a contemporary fantasy novel simultaneously.
    If you would ask me to pick a work that stands out I would choose the ‘Coyote’ series. When you start reading ‘The Outlander’, the first book, you might question my choice, because the story doesn’t pick up steam till halfway the book. But it’s absolutely worth it to continue reading because the story deepens, the background gains color and a whole range of mysteries is introduced. By the time you finish the second book Chantal has introduced so much mystery and so many problems that you wonder how many books it will take to unravel the lot. Early on in the first book I couldn’t help but associate story elements with three well-known movies. The first is ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’, which is hardly surprising as it is a steampunk-western. The second movie is ‘Wild Wild West’, also not surprising for the same reason. And the third is ‘Men In Black’, because … aliens. cover angel manorIf you like these movies you will feel at home in the ‘Coyote’ series. Oh, did I mention the series has a female protoganist (with the nickname ‘Coyote’)?
    All her books are available on Amazon in printed and digital format. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you realize that apart from ‘Angel Manor’ all her books are more or less self-published, you cannot help but admire her drive. If I had to make a bet on which Dutch-speaking author could make it in the English-speaking world I would put my cards on Chantal. She has published more English books so far than any other author, she doesn’t waste time on her native market and there is a lot more on the way.
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