The Conference “Should we fear an intergalactic war?”

Shall we fear an intergalactic war_posterOn January the 29th at 19.00 will be held at the Paris Sud University a conference on the theme: “Should we fear an intergalactic war ?” organized by the ALCOR (Astronomy and Light Campus d’Orsay) association.

The  conference will be moderated by Jerome Perez, lecturer (Universe and Theories Laboratory of the Meudon Observatory and Laboratory of Applied Mathematics ENSTA).

Having narrowly escaped the end of the world on December the 20th, 2012, should we fear a galactic war ? I will describe the main properties of galaxies and I will discuss the main issues associated with the galactic scale traveling. I will then review the various possibilities offered by known physics to consider a possible conflict on this scale. I conclude by outlining why our technological civilization has benefited from a combination of favorable circumstances to arrive in the condition in which we find ourselves today and why we might be of interest to a civilization from afar … –  Jerome Perez

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