The Avengers – Marvel Effect: Emotion Becomes Energy

    That the movie was good it was expected, the care and quality put into previous works could not be billeted in  the making of this movie, was also expected that was spectacular, Hollywood does not care costs when it comes to blockbusters, but it was so funny, cool, intelligent and energetic, well , was not so obvious. You could imagine it knowing that the writer-director responds to the name Joss Whedon.

    What has always characterized Joss Whedon, since the masterpiece TV series “Buffy the Vampires Slayer” is a full-bodied but dry sense of humor that we find in “The Avengers” so full of personality to be created a nice atmosphere able to hover on the movie from beginning to end.
    In this case, Whedon has built the script pushing especially on the relationship between the individual elements of the team: each character is expressed in the dialogues more than in the behavior, and develops the plot in their “meeting-clash”, while the events that force them to join, for the viewer, become just an interesting side dish.

    Tom Hiddlestone plays LokiWhedon skillfully shifts our attention not on the cause but the effect. The cause is the powerful cosmic cube, The Tesseract, a source of energy so powerful that can open a wormhole; the effect is the Nick Fury’s wish to fight Loki creating a team of unique, brilliant, unstoppable superheroes.

    Joss Whedon is great to work on the bad guys, is able of playing with their dark side by keeping them on the edge, giving it a perverse appeal – remember Spike on “Buffy”? – and also with “The Avengers” gives a great villain played “divinely” by Tom Hiddlestone who transmits a real discomfort to the viewer and, at the same time, he fascinates, almost hypnotizes.

    Director Joss Whedon with Chris Hemsworth (Thor)The force, really powerful, of the movie is its ability to involved on all levels, to offer itself as a multifaceted prism, to observe and study: it is not just action, special effects and adrenaline, is also thought and introspection, it’s fun, humor and comics, science fiction and reality. There is the overwhelming force of a beginning that is gripping and based more on dialogue than action, and there is the force of a final limit of an apocalypse that reminds Ragnarok – especially watching snake shape starships – where an Asgardian god fights with his allies against the forces of destruction.

    This movie remains in the heart for transmitting emotions and in the mind for his intelligence: Marvel of marvels! Joss Whedon of wonders!

    all images in the article: ©Marvel Studios


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