The Atopia Chronicles – A Self Publishing Model

    Atopia Chronicles (Matthew Mather’s eco-armageddon “Near Future” thriller) was sold, in last 8 weeks, in more than 40,000 copies. Nothing extraordinary for a science fiction title. Except that “Atopia Chronicles” is a self-published book.

    It is obviously that self-publishing became a serious option for many writers across the world. More and more authors shortcuts the usual way to publish a book. Are publishers ready to face off the self-publishing menace? What publishers have to do to survive in a world where authors have a very cheap and powerful tool?

    Independent writing has soared in popularity over the last few years, with companies like Amazon, Sony, Apple and Kobo providing a medium for self-published authors to reach the main stage without the need to go through the arduous process of attracting literary agents in hopes of signing contracts with traditional publishing houses. Electronic books now outsell physical books by a margin of two to one.


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