The 2017 Uchronie Actusf Awards : the finalists

    Uchronia” refers to a hypothetical or fictional time-period of our world, in contrast to altogether fictional lands or worlds.
    A concept similar to alternate history but different in the manner that uchronic times are not easily defined (mainly placed in some distant or unspecified point before current times), sometimes reminiscent of a constructed world. Some, however, do use uchronia to refer to an alternate history.

    The word is a neologism from the word “utopia” (Greek u-topos/no-place), replacing topos with chronos (time).

    Uchronia” was coined by the French philosopher Charles Renouvier as the title of his 1876 novel “Uchronie (L’Utopie dans l’histoire), esquisse historique apocryphe du développement de la civilisation européenne tel qu’il n’a pas été, tel qu’il aurait pu être” (Uchronia (Utopia in History), an Apocryphal Sketch of the Development of European Civilization Not as It Was But as It Might Have Been), reprinted 1988.

    The Uchronie’s Actusf Awards’ jury unveils the 2017 finalists:

    Literary Award

    Latium” by Romain Lucazeau, Denoël Press,  Lunes d’Encre coll., 2016.

    La chute de la maison aux flèches d’argent” (The Fall of the House with Silver Arrows) by Aliette de Bodard, Fleuve Editions, 2017

    “Mes vrais enfants” (My Real Children) by Jo Walton, Denoël Press, Lunes d’Encre coll., 2017

    L’Empire électrique” (The Electric Empire) by Victor Fleury, Bragelonne Press, 2017

    Semper Lupa” (Allways Shewolf – in Latin) by Meddy Ligner, Armada Press, 2017

    Le Baron Noir Année 1864” (The Black Baron Year 1864) by Olivier Gechter, Mnémos Press, 2017.

    Prix Graphique

    Reconquêtes” (Reconquests) by Sylvain Runberg (Screenplay) and François Miville-Deschênes (Graphics), Le Lombard Press

    Erased” by Kei Sanbe, Ki-Oon Press

    Le Château des étoiles 3” (The Castle of the Stars 3) by Alex Alice, Rue de Sèvres Press, 2017.

    Le Voyage extraordinaire 5” (The Extraordinairy Voyage 5) by Denis-Pierre Filippi (Screenplay) and Silvio Camboni (Drawing), Editions Vent d’Ouest, 2017

    Special Award

    The Long Earth” (La Longue Terre) Series by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, L’Atalante Press.

    Les Brillants” (Brilliance) by Marcus Sakey, Editions Gallimard, collection Série Noire.

    Philippe Éthuin for his uchronic studies at Publie.Net Press (Histoire de ce qui n’est pas arrivé de Joseph Méry/History of what has not happened of Joseph Méry ; Le passé à vapeur/The Steam Past; Les autres vies de Napoléon Bonaparte/The Other Lives of Napoleon Bonaparte; Uchronies & Histoires Secrètes/Uchronias & Secret Stories, Une autre histoire du monde/Another History of the World; 2500 ans d’uchronies/2500 Years of Uchronias.


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