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The 2017 SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival

The 17th annual edition SCI-FI-LONDON is taking place between the 27th of April to 6th of May 2017, in London, U.K .

The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film or SCI-FI-LONDON as it is known, promotes science fact as well as fiction.

SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s only dedicated science fiction and fantasy film festival and is recognised internationally as a great place to premiere.

SCI-FI-LONDON (The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, SFL), is a UK-based film festival, dedicated to the science fiction and fantasy genres, which began in 2002.

SCI-FI-LONDON seeks out thought-provoking, challenging and exciting genre films, be they short form, features or relevant documentary.

Using some of the most prestigious venues in the capital, including the BFI (British Film Institute on the south bank of the river Thames, SCI-FI-LONDON is well respected showcase for science fact and fiction.
Filmmakers often tell that SF is tough to make due to a perceived need for special effects or lack of credible stories. SCI-FI-LONDON looks at new ways of telling stories and puts cutting-edge research and practice in the spotlight.

For 2017 SCI-FI-LONDON continues to add immersive/VR content – Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift and think it is a great new medium for SF storytelling. SCI-FI-LONDON has added a new submission category and hope to see your content!

Scientists, comic artists, leading genre writers and filmmakers explore where fact and fiction intersect. Be part of it.

Designed to be a festival that “takes a serious look at sci-fi and fantasy, bringing new, classic and rare movies from around the world to the UK”, Sci-Fi-London annually screens world and UK Premieres, seminal cult classics, as well as documentaries, debates and talks.

Short films are also an important part of the festival programme, screening in front of every movie shown, as well as together in the Blink Of An Eye short film programme.

Over its history Sci-Fi-London has also held a number of Short Film competitions, and in 2008 launched the Sci-Fi-London 48hr Film Challenge, in order to encourage filmmakers to create sci-fi short films over a very short period of time.

In 2006 the festival became the official home of The Arthur C. Clarke Award, the most prestigious award for science fiction literature in Britain, and recognised as one of the most prestigious science fiction awards in the world.

Since its inception, the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival has also been one of the few places in the UK to consistently screen “All-Nighters” — film marathons which run throughout the night. These have focused on anime, horror, Alien, and Matrix films as well as episodes of the cult American TV series: Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

The Festival is reliant mostly on a large and varied team of Volunteers, who give up their time and expertise for free, in aid of the various aspects of the running of the Festival. These are mostly recruited in the months leading up to the Festival, through the Festival’s website.

Festival dates and location
In its first four years (2002–2005), the Festival resided mainly at the Curzon Soho Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue (Central London).

The Festival then resided primarily at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus on Lower Regent Street (also Central London), from its fifth year through to its eleventh (2006–2012).

At the same time the festival also moved from screenings in late January/early February, to a slot in late April/early May (usually the May Bank Holiday Weekend), running over a longer, 5-day period.

Since October 2012, the festival has moved to its current location, at the Stratford Picturehouse, running a full 7-day programme.

Since 2008 Sci-Fi-London has also held a second festival in October, called Oktoberfest. This normally takes the form of a shorter festival, held at venues including the Apollo Piccadilly Circus, the Stratford Picturehouse, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and the Royal Society.

The Arthur C. Clarke Award

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is awarded every year to the best science fiction novel which received its first British publication during the previous calendar year. The Award is chosen by Jury. The Award was set up in 1986 and the first winner was announced in 1987. In 2006 Sci-Fi-London hosted the Awards ceremony for the first time.
Festival awards

As well as hosting the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Sci-Fi-London also selects its own recipients for a Best Short Film Award, selected from the short films screened as part of the festival programme, and Best Feature Film.

Since 2003, there has also been an Audience Award for the Best Short Film screened, voted for by the festival audience.

Across London, with 10 days of amazing film, live music, immersive experiences and more.

Sci-Fi-London is showcase a fantastic programme filled with World, European and UK Film Premieres alongside our regular classic events such as the 48 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE and SCI-FIDO, the world’s only cosplay for dogs!

See you at the festival!


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