The 2017 Minotauro Award (Spain)

    The 2017 Minotauro Award winner has been announced.

    Organized by Minotauro Publisher, the Minotauro International Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Award reaches its 14th year, and it’s endowed with 6.000 euros.

    On 19th of June, the jury award announced that the winning novel is “Nieve en Marte” (Snow on Mars) written by Pablo Tébar. It’s a classic science-fiction story, full of intrigue, action and unforgettable characters.

    The novel has won the unanimous vote of the jury of the Minotauro Award, formed this year by the writers Javier Sierra and Manel Loureiro, by the director of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival from Catalonia, Ángel Sala, by the film producer Adrián Guerra and the Director of Ediciones Minotauro (Minotauro Press), Marcela Serras.

    Pablo Tébar is a TV series screenwriter, and have won some awards for screenplays or short films. “Nieve en Marte” is his first novel.

    The book will be on sale on October 3, 2017 and will be presented at the 50th edition of the Sitges Festival  (5-15 of October 2017)during a press conference on Tuesday 10 October, in the presence of the author and members of the jury. The official delivery of the Minotauro Award will also be on the 10th of October, before the screening of one of the films of the Festival.

    The International Prize for Science Fiction and Fantastic Literature of Minotauro Press reaches its fourteenth edition.

    Authors such as Javier Negrete, León Arsenal, Carlos Sisí, Carlos Molinero, Elio Quiroga or José Antonio Fideu are among its winners and have consolidated the prize as a reference of SF literature, endowed with 6,000 euros.

    In addition, for the fourth year, the Minotauro Award has been linked to Sitges – the International Festival of the Fantastic Cinema in Catalonia (Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya), which in its 50th edition will host the press conference and award presentation.

    Sitges is the first fantastic film festival in the world, and seeks to offer all fans of the genre the opportunity to enjoy and participate in this international event.


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