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The 2016 Prix Bob Morane (Award) : First Round of Nominations (France)



The Bob Morane Award is a french literary prize created in 1999 by Marc Bailly. It is awarded by a jury of French fiction professionals (writers, journalists, critics, collection managers).

It takes its name from the fictional adventurer Bob Morane (Bob Morane is the hero of a series of novels and comics, created in December 1953 by the Belgian writer Henri Vernes, for the paperback series “Marabout Junior” published by the editor André Gérard).

The first selection of Bob Morane Award (1st half of 2015) :

Francophone novels

Jean-Claude Dunyach – “L’instinct du troll” (The Instinct of the Troll), L’Atalante

Yves and Ada Remy  – “Le mont 84” (Mount 84), Dystopia Workshop

Laurent Whale – “Le manuscrit Robinson” (The Robinson Manuscript), Critic

Laurent Genefort  – “Lum’en”, Le Bélial

Paul Beorn – “Le septième guerrier mage” (The Seventh Magus Warrior), Bragelonne

Jean-Laurent Del Socorro  – “Royaume de vent et de colères” (Kingdom of Wind and Anger), Actusf Editions

Manon Fargetton – “L’héritage des rois passeurs” (The Legacy of the Crossing Kings), Bragelonne

Stéphane Przybylski – “Le château des millions d’années” (The Millions Years Castle), Le Bélial

Translated novels

Christopher Priest (UK)- “L’adjacent” (The Adjacent), Denoël (traduit par Jacques Collin)

Alastair Reynolds (UK)“La terre bleue de nos souvenirs” (Blue Remembered Earth), Bragelonne (translated by Laurent Queyssi)

Chris Beckett (UK) – “Dark Eden“, Presses de la Cité (translated by Laurent-Philibert Caillat)

Marcel Theroux (UK)- “Corps variables” (Strange Bodies), Plon (translated by Stéphane Roques)

Jo Walton (UK-Canada) – “Le cercle de Farthing” (Farthing), Denoël (translated by Luc Carissimo)

Short stories

Phil Becker – “Fleurs de lune” (Moon Flowers), in Fiction Magazine n°20

Sébastien Juillard  – “Il faudrait pour grandir oublier la frontière” (To Grow We Should Forget the Border), Scylla

Li Cam – “Asulon”, Griffe D’Encre

Ken Liu (US)- “La ménagerie de papier” (The Paper Menagerie), Le Bélial


Le Guide Howard de Patrice LOUINET

Patrice Louinet – “Le guide Howard” (The Robert E.Howard Guide), Actusf

Richard Comballot  – “Philip K. Dick, simulacres et illusions” (Philip K.Dick, Simulacra and Illusions), Actusf


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