The 2016 Les Intergalactiques Festival Dedicated to the British Science Fiction : Lyon, France

    The 5th edition of the 2016 Intergalactiques Festival (Thursday the 12th to Sunday the 15th of May) in Lyon (France) organized by AoA production is dedicated to the British Science Fiction.

    The British Guests are the famous SF writers Christopher Priest, Alastair Reynolds, Paul J.McAuley and Peter Hamilton. 



    Saturday, May 14th |  Charles Mérieux Amphiteather

     13.30: Opening Conference: “Reality, Memory & Doubt” – Christopher PRIEST

    14.30: “From the British Empire to the Galactic Imperium ?” with Peter F. Hamilton, Alastair REYNOLDS and Sara DOKE.

    Moderator: Anudar (leader of the Francophone community “From Dune to Rakis”)

    16.00: “Never Without My Towel: The humor in the British Science Fiction” with Catherine Dufour, Jean-Claude DUNYACH, Nicolas BOTTI Moderator: Le Fossoyeur de Films (The Films Gravedigger, Film critic & videographer)

    Saturday, May 14th | Room 2

     14.30: “Science Fiction & Politics during the Nuits Debouts (Rise Up At Night) Time?” with Li CAM, Dominique DOUAY, Catherine Dufour, Sylvie Lainé.

    Moderator : Youri Mignard-Meunier

    Sunday, May 15th | Amphi Charles Mérieux

    11.00: “The Influence of Science Fiction on Modern Science” with André Brahic (Astronomer, French physicist and astrophysicist), Florence Porcel, Tom Clegg (translator, literary critic, director).

    Moderator: Jean-Claude DUNYACH

    14.00: “God Saves the Screen: And the British Science Fiction Cinema Then?” with Christopher PRIEST,  Medhi Achouche (Lecturer at the University of Lyon III),  Le Fossoyeur de Films (The Films Gravedigger, Film critic & videographer), Nicolas BOTTI. 

    Moderator: The NEXUS VI Cap’tain  (Critic & videographer).

    16.00: “Big Brother Is Adapting You: Cinema and Literature, When Utopias Became Nightmares” with Paul McAULEY, Sara DOKE, Ginger Force, Raphael COLSON.

    Moderator: Vil Paquin (Critic and literary analyst)

    Venues :

    Thursday 12 May 2016, 18.30 :  LA CANTINA CONTRE-ATTAQUE

    LE NINKASI GERLAND, 267 Rue Marcel Mérieux, 69007 Lyon | Entrée libre

    Friday 13 May 2016, 16.00 : INTERGALACTIC TEA PARTY

    BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE LA PART-DIEU, 30 bvd Marius Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon | Entrée libre

    Friday 13 May 2016, 21.00 : LA NUIT DES SÉRIES (TV SERIES NIGHT)

    MJC MONPLAISIR, 25 Avenue des Frères Lumière, 69008 Lyon

    SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION : WEEKEND of 14th & 15th of May 2016 : AMPHITHÉÂTRE CHARLES MERIEUX, 46 allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon |

    FILM & TV SERIES SCREENINGS : THÉÂTRE KANTOR, 15 parvis René Descartes, 69007 Lyon


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