The 2016 Festival of the Worlds of the Imaginary (Le Festival des mondes de l’imaginaire) : Montrouge, France


    ©François Baranger 

    The 2016 Festival of the Worlds of the Imaginary is a festival of all cultures comprising imaginary, fantasy, science fiction, etc … It will take place for its second edition in Le Beffroi de Montrouge ( 2 Place Emile Cresp, Montrouge, France) on 9th and 10th of April 2016 !

    Belfry of Montrouge, cultural and congress center

    Combining the 1930s monumental architecture and modernity of a renovated infrastructure, Le Beffroi de Montrouge (The Belfry of Montrouge) is the favorite place for organizing business events, outside Paris!

    Program : literature, role playing, board games, book signings, lectures and exhibitions.

    And for a few more details:

    Saturday, April 9th:
    – 11h-12h30: “Post-Apocalypse: the imagination in the relationship between man and the urban environment“, with François Baranger (Guest of Honor), Fabien Fernandez, Jean-Luc Bukhari.
    – 14h-15h: “A Tribute to Ayerdhal, a commitment to the rights of authors“, with Sara Doke, Jeanne A. Debats, Marion Mazuric, Franck Macrez and Laurent Whale.
    – 15.30-16.30: “Innovation: crowdfunding, new social networking games, new creations in the areas of the imaginary“, with Jean Invaoff (Ulule), Caroline Viphakone (Infinite RPG), Jeremiah Rueff (Ecuries d’Augias).
    – 17h-18h30: “Books and upside worlds stories: Once, the Infinite City/Les livres-mondes et l’envers des récits : Jadis, la ville infinie“, with Frederick Weil, Charlotte Bousquet, Antoine Régis Jaulin, Raphael Granier Cassagnac, Gaborit Mathieu and Nicolas Fructus.

    Sunday, April 10th :
    – 11h-12h30: “New issues of the publishing industry“, with Stéphane Marsan (Guest of Honor), Julien Guerry and David Camus.
    – 14-18: “Robert E. Howard’s Day, a tribute to the author“, animated by Patrice Louinet.



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