The 2015 Ion Hobana Awards and the Ion Hobana Colloquium (Bucharest, Romania) : Saturday, the 14th of November


    The 2015 Ion Hobana Awards’ (for the Best Romanian SF volumes of the year) ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, Saturday, the 14th of November.

    The tied Ion Hobana Prizes were awarded to the 2014-2015 best romanian exegesis :

    Era masinii_Daniela Petrosel 1

    First Prize :

    The Age of the Machine. About Posthumanism and Technological Imagery in Fiction” by Dr.Daniela Petroșel (University of Suceava, Romania)

    Morfologia lumilor posibile

    First Prize (Ex Aequo) :

    The Morphology of the Possible Words. Utopia, Distopia, Science Fiction, Fantasy“, Editor Prof.Dr.Corin Braga (University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

    The volume contains studies by Ștefan Borbély, Corin Braga, Marius Conkan, Niculae Gheran, Simina Rațiu, Andrei Simuț, Olga Ștefan, Radu Toderici.

    Both volumes were published by Tracus Arte Press, Bucharest.

    Congratulations to the winners !

    The sixth edition of the Ion Hobana Exegesis Colloquium was organized by the Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (Societatea Română de Science Fiction&Fantasy),the Writers’ Union of Romania, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Romanian Ministry of Culture, and had the theme:

    “Romania’s SF Future, the Romanian SF of the Future”.

    Between the colloquium’s participants were Mircea Opriţă, Gheorghe Săsărman, Horia Gârbea, Corin Braga, Daniela Petroșel, Maria-Ana Tupan, Sorin Antohi, Cristian Tamaș, Catalin Badea Gheracostea, Marian Truţă, Dănuț Ungureanu, Bogdan Mihăilescu, Florin Stanciu, Alexandru Lamba, Anamaria Borlan :

    Mircea Opriță – An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

    George Săsărman – SF, Romania and the Future

    Maria-Ana Tupan – Romanian SF Between Heuristic Hypothesis and Political Cipher

    Sorin Antohi – Romania’s Future: the Past in SF. Memories and Reflections

    Daniela Petroșel – Science Fiction, Form of Social Reflection

    Dănuț Ungureanu – The Future As a Questionnaire To the Past

    Cristian Tamaș  – Proskinesis and Mellontophobia

    Cătălin Badea Gheracostea – Alternative Futures – Hypotheses by Romanian Casuistry

    Marian Truţă  – Between Plus and Minus Infinity, Romania

    Florin Stanciu – Somewhere Out There Beyond Good And Evil, There Is a Huge Field. There We Meet.

    Bogdan Mihăilescu  – The SF Future of Romania, the Romanian SF of the Future ?

    Alexandru Lamba – Write About What You Know

    Anamaria Borlan – Some Ideas About SF


    The Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest, Romania.



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