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    Concatenation does a lot to promote SF in Europe and to promote European SF in the world.” – Boris Sydiuk, Ukraine

    Indeed, that’s a fact, the team of Science Fact & Science Fiction (SF2) Concatenation it’s one of british europeanists, a consisted team of “scientists and engineers” as Jonathan Cowie is saying, dedicated to the support of the european mutual understanding and collaboration, sharing our common european values and reflecting our shared european identity : united in diversity.

    Science Fact & Science Fiction (SF2) Concatenation has a long and succesfull history of achievements, of simpathy and empathy with the european objectives, peace, friendship and solidarity.


    “The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is best known amongst the European science fiction community (those writers, editors, film directors, book dealers, buffs and enthusiasts who attend the premiere European science fiction literary and cinematic conventions).
    Within the European science fiction community, Concatenation itself was in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s better known as an annual review magazine of science and science fiction. Its first (a print) edition was published Easter 1987 as part of the 50th anniversary UK Science Fiction Convention BECCON 87.
    The Concatenation print edition was distributed free at major UK conventions who have a profit share arrangement with the team…
    But Concatenation is more than a magazine (now an online e-zine).

    In addition to producing the fanzine the Concatenation team have:

    – published a European SF award-winning 1994 edition of Concatenation in English, German and Romanian.
    – published four separate editions in 1997 in English, Romanian, Spanish, and this electronic edition on the Internet.
    – sent members of the Concatenation team to Eastern Europe to conventions, workshops and social functions and sponsored Eastern Europeans to visit the UK on a formal Science and Science Fiction Cultural Exchange.
    – assisted with the researching of, as well as participating on, TV and radio programmes both UK regional, UK national, and international (BBC World Service) as well as some Eastern European regional and national programmes.
    – mounted press and media liaison operations for those major SF conventions whose organisers embrace the outward looking, frontier crossing nature inherent in SF as a genre.
    – provided western SF books to selected Eastern European SF activists, including, for instance, Yuri Mironets, an English language university professor in Russia.
    – enjoyed the hospitality and friendship of many active within the SF and scientific community both in the UK and overseas.
    – run SF events (of note were the 7-day international weeks of science and SF in 1999 and 2003).
    – published books

    – provided consultations to authors, publishers, SF conventions, TV & radio researchers, and even governmental reports (such as the Wolfendale report on the Public Understanding of Science which accepted the Concatenation ‘public appreciation of science’ as part of the over all definition of public understanding of science exercises).

    Concatenation or its team has won three European SF Awards (voted on at the annual Eurocon).”

    The Spring 2014 Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is now up.

    SF2 Concatenation only has three seasonal editions a year and this is the spring one.
    It features a _large_ seasonal news page that includes the season’s major SF awards from around the world and among much else SF people news as well as science stuff (well SF2 Concatenation is run by a bunch of scientists and engineers).

    Of note for those going to the forthcoming 2014 Worldcon there is some news and analysis and of particular use for those
    planning their trip some suggestions as to other things to do in London

    In addition to this seasonal news page there are four stand-alone convention reports from Britain, US and Spain:
    the 2013 Worldcon USA, ;
    Spain’s national con Hispacon, ;
    the World Fantasycon, ;
    and Britain’s Festival of Fantastic Films,

    Finally, spring is when SF2 Concatenation posts its national/international level convention diary:

    SF2 Concatenation has also now got a Twitter account (despite being scientists and engineers there is a charming old fashioned steampunkish attitude of the SF2 Concat team which means it has been slow to get on the Twitter wagon).

    The nominal date of posting is 15th January but SF2 Concat has posted a couple of days early to link check.

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