The 2014 Rosny-Aîné Award’s Nominees (France) !

    J.-H. Rosny-Aîné was the literay pseudonym of Joseph Henri Honoré Boex (17 February 1856 – 11 February 1940), French author of Belgian origin who was one of the founding figures of modern science fiction.

    Born in Brussels in 1856, he wrote in French, together with his younger brother Séraphin Justin François Boex under the pen name J.-H. Rosny until 1909. After they ended their collaboration, Joseph Boex continued to write under the name “Rosny-Aîné” (Rosny the Elder) while his brother used J.-H. Rosny-Jeune (Rosny the Younger).

    Rosny-Aîné was the euro-continental equal of H. G. Wells or Olaf Stapledon in his concepts and his way of dealing with new ideas in his novels. He is a most important figure in the european science fiction.


    “Les Xipehuz”/The Xipehuz (romanian edition, Xipehuzii) ; english language translation

     J.H.Rosny’s first science fiction tale was the short story “Les Xipehuz”/The Xipehuz (1887), in which primitive humans (the story took place a thousand years before Babylonian times) encounter inorganic aliens, with whom all forms of communication prove impossible. Men eventually drive away the invaders, but the hero mourns the loss of another type of life. This was the first time that science fiction had abandoned its usual anthropomorphic approach in the description of alien life.

    The Prix Rosny-Aîné is a literary prize for French science fiction. It has been awarded annually since 1980 in two categories: best novel and best short fiction.

    Rosny Aine Awards

    The list of the 2014 Rosny-Aîné Award  nominees have just been revealed.


    The winners will be annonced at Nemo 2014 , the French National Science Fiction Convention to be be held in Amiens, between 17th – 20th of July.

    Novels :

    Rainbow Warriors” by Ayerdhal (Au Diable Vauvert)

    Juste à temps” (Just In Time) by Philippe Curval (La Volte)

    Françatome” (Franceatom) by Johan Heliot (Mnémos)

    American Gothic” by Xavier Mauméjean (Alma)

    Agharta, le temps des Selkies” (Agharta, the Time of Selkies) by Arnauld Pontier (Asgard)

    Anamnèse de Lady Star” (Lady Star’s Anamnesis) by L.L. Kloetzer (Denoël)


    Short Stories:

    Le chant des baleines” (The Song of the Whales) by Stéphane Croenne (Angle mort n°9)

    Cuisine kitzyn” (Kitzyn Kitchen) by Philippe Curval (Galaxies, the new series No. 24/66)

    L’Enfant qui s’avance vers nous” (The Child Coming Toward Us) by Gulzar Joby, (Galaxies, the new series No. 25/67)

    Le réveil des hommes blancs” (White Men’s Wakeup) by Christian Léourier, (Bifrost # 72)


    Durée d’oscillation variable” (Duration of the Variable Oscillation) by Martin Lessard (Long Shu Publishing)


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