The 2014 Kurd Lasswitz Award Winners (Germany)

    Kurd Laßwitz Preis - Titelzeile

    The Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis is the best-known science fiction award from Germany (and germanophone countries). The award is named after the science fiction author Kurd Laßwitz (20 April 1848 – 17 October 1910), one of the most important european SF classic writers together with H.G.Wells, Jules Verne and J.H.Rosny Aîné.

    The Kurd-Laßwitz Award was founded in 1981 and has been given annually for best novel. Until 1996, a short fiction award was presented and in 1984, a foreign novel category was added. A film award was presented from 1987 until 1996. At various times, awards for artists, translators, radio shows, and special awards have also been presented.

    Wolfgang Jeschke has won the award 11 times in four different categories while Andreas Eschbach has won the prize for novel seven times. The foreign-language category includes novels, stories, collections and non-fiction. Iain Banks and China Miéville won the foreign-language prize four times. Other authors to win multiple times are Hans Joachim Alpers, Carl Amery, Herbert W. Franke, Michael Marrak, Ian McDonald, and Connie Willis.

    The 2014 Kurd-Laßwitz Award have been announced, recognizing exceptional German science fiction works and translations from 2013.

    Best German SF Novel :

    Wolfgang  Jeschke - Dschiheads

    Dschiheads” by Wolfgang Jeschke (Heyne)

    Best German SF Short Story :

    Cover zu: Coen Sloterdykes diametral levitierendes Chronoversum  in: Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 21,  Nova Verlag

    Coen Sloterdykes Diametral Levitierendes Chronoversum”  (Coen Sloterdyke’s Diametral Levitated Chronoverse) by Michael Marrak (Nova 05/13)


    Best Foreign SF Work Published in German :

    In Einer Anderen Welt (Among Others) by Jo Walton (Golkonda)


    Best SF Translation Into German :

    James Tiptree Jr. : Das Doppelleben der Alice B. Sheldon (James Tiptree Jr. : The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon) by Julie Phillips, translated by Margo Jane Warnken (Septime)


    Best German SF Graphical Art 2013 :

    Pierangelo Boog for the cover of „Exodus” 30


    Special Achievement Award For Longtime Activities :

    Fandom Observer 300

    Martin Kempf and his team of Fandom Observer for publishing 300 issues in 25 years

    Congratulations to all winners !

    Kurd Lasswitz Award website (in German) :


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