The 2013 Utopiales SF Anthology (France)

    © Actu SF ; cover illustration by Vincent Callebaut

    The french publishing house ActuSF had announced the launching of its official 2013 Utopiales anthology (in french) featuring SF stories of famous american, canadian, british, german, french and swiss writers : Orson Scott Card, Norman Spinrad, William Gibson, Peter Watts, Jean-Louis Trudel, Ian McDonald, Andreas Eschbach, Jean -Pierre Andrevon, Thomas Day, Thierry Di Rollo, Jeanne -A Debats, Sylvie Lainé, Stephane Beauverger and Lucas Moreno :
    14 short stories , 14 colliding universes .
    And if the clouds had a form of intelligence ? What to do when you discover an artificial satellite that has the texture of a large grenade ? How to act when one is a vampire on a mission in space?

    The official Utopiales 2013 anthology is bringing together again this year, international and French authors in order to clear and explore the possible futures. In short, the very heart of Actu SF’s vocation : science fiction.”

    Table of Contents
    • “Dougal Discarnate” by William Gibson, Canada ( translation : Laurent Queyssi )
    • “Three Reports on a Writer’s End” (Trois relations de la fin de l’écrivain) by Jean- Louis Trudel (Canada)
    • “Mother’s Flowers” by Andreas Eschbach, Germany ( translation : Juliette Malgouyard )
    • “Christmas in Hell” by Orson Scott Card, USA ( translation : Pierre -Alexandre Sicart )
    • “The Helping Hand” by Norman Spinrad, USA ( translation : Jean -Daniel Brèque )
    • ” Grenade At the Edge of Heaven ” (Grenade au bord du ciel) by Sylvie Lainé (France)
    • “Hard Green” (Vert dur) by Stephane Beauverger (France)
    • “How I Became a Biotech” by Lucas Moreno (Switzerland)
    • ” In the Mines of Mars” (Dans les mines de Mars) by Jean -Pierre Andrevon (France)
    • “I had thirty years” (J’ai eu trente ans) by Thierry Di Rollo (France)
    • ” Three Futures” by Ian McDonald, UK ( translation : Gilles Goullet )
    • ” The Woman with the Bees ” (La femme aux abeilles”) by Thomas Day (France)
    • ” Nimbus ” by Peter Watts, Canada ( translation : Elisabeth Vonarburg)
    • ” The Fountain of Snakes” (La fontaine aux serpents) by Jeanne -A Debats (France)

    ActuSF :
    Text and photo © Actu SF & 2013 Utopiales Anthology’s cover illustration by Vincent Callebaut


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