The 2013 MucCon/SFCD Con, the German National SF Convention, 25th – 27th October 2013, Garching, Germany


    The third Muccon/SFCD Con, the German National SF Convention, will be held from 25th to 27th October 2013 at the Garching Community Center (near Munich, Bavaria, Germany).
    The Muccon is the bavarian annual convention dedicated to the fantastika. An event by fans for fans, hosted by the club dreamers.

    On 27 October 2013 will take place the General Assembly of the Science Fiction Club Germany eV (SFCD) :

    SFCD (Science Fiction Club Deutschland) is one of the oldest active SF organizations from Europe, established in 1955 in West Germany.
    At the MucCon you can meet old and new friends, you can meet authors, artists and publishers :

    Authors : Lise Andreasen, Andrea Bannert, Arno Behrend,  Gabriele Behrend,  Ben B. Black,  Dr. Karsten Beuchert, Tom Daut, Simone Edelberg, Manuela P. Forst, Bettina Ferbus, Monika De Giorgi, Karin Jacob, Jesper Rugår Jensen, Wolfgang Jeschke, Karsten Kruschel, Axel Kruse, Torsten Low, Klaus Marion, Michael Marrak, Uwe Post, Andreas Rentz, C. M. Singer, Susan Schwartz (aka Uschi Zietsch), Stefan Schweikert, Andrea Stevens, Andreas Winterer, Heinz Zwack, Andreas Zwengel ;

    Artists : Nena Diana, Michael Marrak Ted Migdall Mark Pepper Helmfried Protsch, Psyche, Andrea Stevens Michael Wittmann ;

    Musicians – Ralf Boldt, Margit Krammer, MinnePack, Band »Radio Haze« ;

    Panelists – Arno Behrend Ralf Bodemann Ralf Boldt Niels Dalgaard Christian Hoffmann Jesper Rugård Jensen Wolfgang Jeschke Hardy Kettlitz Udo Klotz Stefan Kuhn Knud Larn Dr. Jürgen R. Lautner Eckhard D. Marwitz Helmuth W. Mommers Matthias Pätzold Ellen Miriam Pedersen Flemming R. P. Rasch Carl-Eddy Skovgaard Martin Stricker Thomas Zeug;

    Workshops: Gabriele Behrend, Andrea Herrmann, Ted Migdall.

    MucCon 2013

    You are invited to the 2013 MucCon/SFCD Con !


    Friendly faces at the 2012 Muccon : Markus Bayer, Nina Horvath and Eckhard D. Marwitz.

    MucCon 2013/SFCD-Jahrescon 2013 (2013 MucCon/2013 SFCD Con), Bürgerhaus (Community Center) Garching, 9, Bürgerplatz, 85748 Garching bei München (Garching, near Munich), Germany


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