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The 2013 Ion Hobana Awards and the Ion Hobana SF Criticism and Exegesis Colloquium (Romania)


2013_Poster Colocviu Hobana

The Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (SRSFF) and the Writers’ Union from Romania have organized the fourth edition of the Ion Hobana National SF Criticism and Exegesis Colloquium and the presentation of the 2013 Ion Hobana Awards, Saturday, November the 16th 2013 in Bucharest. Ion Hobana (1931-2011), was a well known romanian scholar and SF writer, one of Romania’s academic SF grandmasters (Romania’s greatest SF academic) and the Awards had been established in his memory.

The Colloquium’s theme was “140 Years of Romanian Science Fiction: An Overview, Possible Directions and Developments” and was debated by several reviewers, Horia Gârbea, Cornel Robu, Mihai Iovănel, Cătălin Badea Gheracostea, Radu Voinescu, Eugen Stancu, Liana Tomescu, Marian Truţă, Dănuţ Ungureanu, Cristian Mihail Teodorescu :
Cornel Robu – “SF & F Metallurgy”
Cătălin Badea Gheracostea – “The Romanian Fantastika after the 2nd World War”
Radu Voinescu – “The Legacy of Ion Hobana or the Future Starts Today”
Mihai Iovănel – „The SF from Romania: Outline for a Canonical Re-evaluation”
Liana Tomescu – “SF and the Teenagers”
Eugen Stancu – “The Romanian SF During the Communist Period: In Search of A Definition of the Genre”
Marian Truţă – “About the Romanian SF, Wishing Well”
Dănuţ Ungureanu – “The Anonymity of the Official Fans”
Cristian Mihail Teodorescu – “Mircea Opriță and the Boys-of-the-Country”

2013 Ion Hobana Awards

From left to right : Cristian Tamaș (Cornel Robu’s Ion Hobana Opera Omnia Award), Horia Gârbea, Silviu Gherman (Ion Hobana Best SF Novel Award) and Marian Truță (Ion Hobana Best SF Collection Award).


On this occasion were presented (for the fifth time since 2009) the Ion Hobana/SRSFF Awards. Here are the winners:

Cornel Robu
• Opera Omnia (Lifetime Achievement)  Award : Cornel Robu (for his remarkable contribution to the exegesis of the romanian science fiction)


Silviu Gherman_Hartiile masculului
• The Best SF Novel of the Year Award: “The Male’s Papers” (Hârtiile masculului) by Silviu Gherman (Curtea Veche Publishing)


Marian Truta_A doua venire
• The Best SF Short Stories Collection : “The Second Coming” (A doua venire) by Marian Truţă (Nemira Publishing).


The 2012 Ion Hobana/SRSFF Awards :

Opera Omnia Award : Gheorghe Săsărman
Best SF Novel Award (ex- aequo) : „Gulls’ Island” (Insula pescărușilor) by Liviu Mircea Goga and “Dem Net” by Dan Doboș

The 2011 Ion Hobana/SRSFF Awards :

Opera Omnia Award : Mircea Opriţă
Best SF Book Award : “S.F. Two” by Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
Best Fantasy Book Award : “Waldemar ‘s World” (Lumea lui Waldemar) by Liviu Radu
Hope of the Year Award  : “Virtual Warriors” (Luptătorii virtuali) by Bogdan Cătălin Mereuță

The 2010 SRSFF Awards
Best Author: Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
Best Translator : Mihai-Dan Pavelescu
Journalism Award: Ștefan Ghidoveanu
Best Publisher Award : Nemira
Best Artist Award : Alex Popescu

The 2009 SRSFF Awards
Best Author: Florin Manolescu
Award for Literary Theory and Criticism : Mircea Opriţă
Best Magazine  : Helion Magazine
Best Promoter : Michael Haulică
Best Publisher : Millennium Press




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