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Swiss Writer Laurence Suhner’s “Vestiges”


Laurence Suhner (born 1 May 1968) is a Swiss science fiction writer and graphic artist.

Born in Geneva, Suhner studied Indian dance and music and attended four semesters of physics courses at the University of Geneva.

She published several graphic novels in the 1980s and 2000s, and started writing prose science fiction in 2006.

Her first novel, the hard SF planetary romance “Vestiges“, was published in 2012.

It received the 2013 Futuriales Révélation Adulte Award, as well as the 2013 Prix Bob Morane for best French language novel.

The novel is the first of the “QuanTika” trilogy, of which the second volume, “L’ouvreur des chemins” (The Road Opener), was published in 2013 and the third, “Origines“, in 2015.

Suhner teaches creative writing at the University of Geneva.


Vestiges (QuanTika, Book 1) by Laurence Suhner, translated by Sheryl Curtis

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