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    2016’s Sweden’s Short Film Festival theme was Freedom!

    With this theme we wanted to highlight new short films that somehow touches on ideas about freedom or lack of freedom. Who says whose history? What is freedom in a dramatic design? How visible was the concept of freedom in the Swedish short films during the past year?”


    There were a number of science fiction films on the 59th Sveriges Kortfilmsfestival (Sweden’s Short Film Festival) on the well-attended Bio Rio in Stockholm.

    Sweden Short Film Festival 1

    One of them, “Home Care Before Christmas“, by  Johann Gustavsson and Viktor Hertz, won the Minute Film award, a “futuristic and pessimistic vision of a streamlined home care system“.

    See (A “minute film” is as the name suggest 60 seconds.)

    The prestigious Film-Viktor Award went to “Fri aktivitet” (“Free Activity”, about children on a pre-school, director Lina Berger) and best film-school film was “Bussresan” (“The Bus Trip”, documentary about the Middle East conflict).

    Several of the other minute films were of the SF kind, eg “The Hunt” about a strange creature in the woods, “Vägens slut” (“End of the Road“) wth a supernatural twist on a traffic accident, “On/off” that lets our sun be controlled in a strange way, “Follow” a somewhat metaphysical film about a man meeting himself.

    Of the other films we can note “Free or Imprisoned“, a futuristic, dystopian dance film and “Ivy Vigilante” a colourful noir film inspired by old pulp magazines.

    But the film I liked most was “Ta ton – eller fortsätt spela död” (“Sing – or keep playing dead“, by Isabelle Kågström), something quite unique: a dystopian musical!

    We have a future where sining is forbidden! But two girls ignore this and are hunted by the law. A nice film with a lot of humour. Though the dialogue is in Swedish most of the film is just music and you can enjoy it here:

    All the award winners from the festival (listing in Swedish):

    ©Ahrvid Engholm

    Ahrvid Engholm

    Ahrvid Engholm is a swedish author, editor, journalist and SF fan.




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