Star Wars Identities Exhibition in Vienna, Austria

STAR WARS™ Identities, the exhibition that has been seen by over 1,2 million has opened its doors at the MAK in Vienna, Austria at the same time as Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ had been released in theaters. The last chance to see it will be the 16th of April 2016. The one-of-a-kind, highly interactive STAR WARS Identities exhibition will now feature newly acquired Star Wars: The Force Awakens props to update its already impressive collection. A First Order Stormtrooper costume, the already famous BB-8 Droïd, and a Resistance X-Wing Fighter Pilot Helmet will now be part of the exhibit and shall be shown for the first time in Vienna.

star wars identities

Developed and produced by Montreal’s X3 Productions in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., the exhibition makes use of an extensive archive collection from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts to explore the sciences of identity through the characters of Star Wars. The stunning collection, a customized, interactive identity quest, and insightful scientific content will all work together in STAR WARS Identities to follow the dramatic journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, cinema’s most famous father and son duo. Visitors will develop a better understanding of what makes the characters of Star Wars who they are, and at the same time explore their own identity with one question, at once simple and profound: What forces shape you?

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Nina Horvath

Nina Horvath has studied at the University of Vienna. Her mother tongue is German. She is a keen author of short stories and published over two dozens in zines and anthologies. Her favourite genre is science-fiction. She had also been editor of the short story collections "Die Schattenuhr", "Metamorphosen - Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts" and "Darwins Schildkröte". In 2012 she won the awards "Vincent Preis" for the best horror anthology and the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" for the best fantastic short story. (This one was also 3rd at the "DSFP" for the best science-fiction story.)

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