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Spanish SF News – Ricardo Manzanaro (Spain)



“Terra Nova 2”
 “Terra Nova” anthology, about which I reported in past newsletters, has achieved good reviews and sales. And now it has been announced a “Terra Nova 2” launch. It will be published on November, in the Fantascy collection, with distribution throughout Spain.

The short-stories included in anthology are:
– “Noches de cristal” (Crystal Nigths) – Greg Egan
– “El último Osama” (The last Osama)Lavie Tidhar
– “El hombre que puso fin a la Historia: Documental” (The man who ended History: A Documentary) – Ken Liu (Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy nominee)
– “Las manos de su marido” (Her Husband´s Hands) –  Adam-Troy Castro  (Nebula nominee)
– “Separados por las aguas del río celeste” (Scattered Along the River of Heaven) – Aliette de Bodard (Hugo, Nebula, BSFA  nominee)
– “Araña, la artista” (Spider, the Artist) –  Nnedi Okorafor
– “La textura de las palabras” (The Yexture of the Words) – Felicidad Martínez  (Ignotus Award : spanish Hugos) nominee
– “¿Pueden llorar ojos no humanos?” (Can human eyes cry ?) – German Amatto
– “Juicio Final” (Final Judgement) – Carlos Gardini
Editors announced number 3 call. More information at: literfan@yahoo.es (email subject: “Para la antología “Terra Nova””)

Celsius 232-RM

Celsius 232 Festival
Some weekends ago, was held at Avilés (north of Spain) “Celsius 232” Festival. Famous SF&F writers attended the festival : Robert J. Sawyer, Christopher Priest, Steve Redwood, Ian Watson, Paul McAuley, Joe Abercrombie, Paul McAuley and Lauren Beukes. You can see many images of the festival at: http://www.celsius232.es/blog/
RobertJSawyer and ChristopherPriest-RM


Spanish fantastic literature in “El País”
The well-known Spanish  newspaper “El País” published an extensive report about current Spanish fantastic literature. You can read it at : http://cultura.elpais.com/cultura/2013/08/01/actualidad/1375381302_589796.html


“Ficción Científica” first anniversary anthology
“Ficción Científica” web first year celebrating, it has launched an anthology, including 15 stories published this year. Is available at: http://www.ficcioncientifica.com/pages/ebook


Magazines new issues
– “Alfa Eridiani” nº 19: stories, reports, interviews, poetry and serial novels. You can discharge it at: http://www.alfaeridiani.info/
– “Portal Ciencia y ficcion” nº2: fantastic literature and cinema magazine: http://www.portalcienciayficcion.com/index.php/revista.html


Ricardo Manzanaro

Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, a medical doctor and an university professor, is the President of the TerBi Asociación Vasca de CF Fantasía y Terror (TerBi Basque Association of Fantasy & Horror) from Bilbao, Spain. Ricardo has published over forty stories in various media and he’s a contributor to EUROPA SF and Amazing Stories.

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