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    The AEFCFT (Spanish Fantasy Science-Fiction and Terror Association) announced the winners for the 2012 Ignotus Awards (spanish Hugos) for the best in past year:

    –         Best novel: “Fieramente humano” (Fiercely human) by Rodolfo Martínez

    –         Best novella: “La textura de tu piel” (Your skin texture) by David Jasso

    –         Best short story: “Mytolitic” by Sergio Mars

    –         Best non-fiction book: “Blade Runner. Lo que Deckard no sabía” (Blade Runner. Things Deckard didn´t know) byJesús Alonso

    –         Best non-fiction, short form: “Gigamesh: ¿Qué fue de..?” (Gigamesh What was about it?) by Ignacio Illarregui

    –         Best artwork: cover of “Los horrores del escalpelo” (Scalpel horrors) by Alejandro Colucci

    –         Best audiovisual presentation: “Eva” by Kike Maillo (movie)

    –         Best comic: “El héroe” (Heroe) by David Rubin

    –         Best poetry: “Histerias minúsculas” (Little hysterias) by Víctor Miguel Gallardo

    –         Best magazine: “Calabazas en el trastero” (Pumpkins at the boxroom)

    –         Best web: La Tercera Fundación (Third Fundation)

    –         Best foreign novel: “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami and “The windup girl”  by Paolo Bacigalupi

    –         Best foreign short story: “The state of the art” by Iain M. Banks

    In October it was held XXX Hispacon (Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention), in Urnieta – a village near San Sebastian, in Basque Country – with many events like book releases, lectures and roundtables. At the main event, it was proclaimed the winners of Ignotus Awards, Nocte Awards (terror literature) and Domingo Santos Award (short story contest). Some topics of the convention were “Terror literature in Basque Country” and “A song of Ice and Fire”

    In december it will release the first volume of “Terra Nova”, an anthology of contemporary science fiction stories. Publication will be simultaneous in Spain and Argentina. The first volume includes the following table of contents:

    • Cover art by Ángel Benito Gastañaga (Spain)
    • Foreword by Luis Pestarini and Mariano Villarreal (Argentina – Spain)
    • “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu (U.S.A.) 
      2011 Nebula Award for Best Short Story
      2012 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
      2012 Locus Award finalist for Best Short Story
      2012 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist
      2012 World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Short Story
    • “Deirdre” by Lola Robles (Spain)
    • “Memories of a Zombie Country” (Recuerdos de un país zombi) by Erick J. Mota (Cuba)
    • “Light a Solitary Candle” (Enciende una vela solitaria) by Víctor Conde (Spain)
    • “Bodies” (Cuerpos) by Juanfran Jiménez (Spain)
    • “A Day Without Dad” by Ian Watson (U.K.)
    • “Memory” (Memoria) by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría (Argentina)
    • “The Lifecycle of Software Objects” by Ted Chiang (U.S.A.) 
      2011 Hugo Award for Best Novella
      2011 Locus Award for Best Novella
      2010 Nebula Award finalist for Best Novella

    Date of release: December 2012 | Pages: 250 approx. | Format: 15,5x22cm paperback with flaps | Paperback in Spanish: 15€ (19,57 USD) Only for Spain. Rest of the world, please contact at | ebook in Spanish: forthcoming | ebook in English (only Spanish and Latin American stories): forthcoming. More details at:

    Some days ago “Espiral Ciencia-Ficción” (Spiral Science Fiction) announced the release of it´s new title: “Corazón de Alacrán” (Scorpion Heart) by Felipe Colorado. For 18 years, Espiral edits science-fiction novels in Spanish, written both known and new writers, and has won six Ignotus Awards and the Gabriel Award (AEFCFT honorary award). Felipe Colorado won in 2009 the Desnivel Award with “Om-The Red Mountain” a novel about climbing in Mars. More information about “Espiral CF” and “Corazón de Alacrán” at:


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