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    A special issue of TerBi (Bilbao SF Literary Circle : La Tertulia de Ciencia-Ficción de Bilbao) fanzine, it´s available. This issue is dedicated to the 3rd thematic story contest. This year, the theme was “no return space voyage”. Issue includes the winning story , “The Last Footprint” written by Miguel Santander – and the finalists’ stories.

    The table of contents :

    – “La última huella” (The last Footprint) –  Miguel Santander
    – “1974” – Sergio Moreno Montes
    – “Conejillo de Indias” (Guinea Pig) – Jaime Magnan Alabarce
    – “Convergentes” (Convergences) –  Victor M. Valenzuela
    – “Donde hay gente, hay sorpresas” (Where there are people, there are surprises) –  Victor Villanueva Garrido
    – “La canción de Miranda” (Miranda’s Song) – Mara Nefill
    – “La matriz de Saúl” –  (The matrix of Saul) – José Manuel González
    – “Relatividad” (Relativity) –  Julián Muñoz Carrasco
    – “Sin respuesta” – (No response) –  Francisco Fernández Rodríguez
    – “Skylon 5” –  David García Rodríguez
    – “Última noche en la Tierra” (Last Night on Earth) –  Oscar Amador
    – “Un universo infinito” (An Infinite Universe) – Farncisco Javier Rodríguez

    You can access the online fanzine at: (it´s issue number 6).


    The Celsius Prize for Best Fantasy, Science fiction or Horror novel, awarded by the Black Week of Gijon (mistery and fantastic literature event in a city in the north of Spain) was for “Cenital”, written by Emilio Bueso. He already won the same award in 2012, with “Diástole”. “Cenital” presents several survivors in a world in which oil is over.

    Alberto Magno

    The Basque Country Technology and Science Faculty from the same University, sited in Lejona (a city near Bilbao) reported about the 25th edition of Alberto Magno (Albertus Magnus) Science Fiction Literary Award. The stories, from 15.000 to 25.000 words, can be sent until 4th September. The winner will receive 2.000 €, and the finalist 1.000 €.

    More information at:

    mas alla nemesis

    Two years ago was published “Nemesis”, a novel of Juan Miguel Aguilera and Javier Redal, rewritten from 1994 “The Refuge”, belonging to famous hard science-fiction book series “Akasa Puspa”. Some days ago was published “Más allá de Némesis” (“Beyond Némesis”) an anthology with stories written by renowned Spanish authors and set in Akasa Puspa.

    More information:


    Ricardo Manzanaro

    Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, a medical doctor and an university professor, is the President of the TerBi Asociación Vasca de CF Fantasía y Terror (TerBi Basque Association of Fantasy & Horror) from Bilbao, Spain. Ricardo has published over forty stories in various media and he’s a contributor to EUROPA SF and Amazing Stories.



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