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    “Sitio de Ciencia-Ficción” web (“Science Fiction Site”) has completed recently 16 years, become one of the Spanish science-fiction reference web. Coordinated by Francisco José Suñer Iglesias, you can find in it articles, reviews, stories and comics.
    The web celebrates this anniversary publishing a special update, including many articles, most related to genre currents problems and global crisis. “Sitio de Ciencia-Ficción” link:

    Spanish science fiction news February - MinotauroX Minotauro Science Fiction and Fantastic Literature Prize, sponsored by the renowned publisher Minotauro, announced this year finalists:
    “Volverás a Toledo” by Alfonso X (pseudonim)
    “Hot” by Javier Couto
    “El club de los cinco minutos” by Andrés Moutas
    “El bosque del dios lobo” by Mayte Navales
    “Panteón” by Alicia Sotomonte (peudonim)
    Minotauro Prize is the science-fiction and fantastic literature world most prize money, 10.000 euros. In current year, it has received 590 novels, three times more than last year: 362 from Spain, 66 from Argentina and 55 from Mexico. Jury´s decision and the award ceremony will be held in 12th February.

    Spanish science fiction news February - MinaturaRevista Digital miNatura (miNatura digital magazine) is a bimonhtly online magazine about science-fiction, fantasy and terror short stories, free downloadable. Every issue offers many micro-stories and articles about a topic. The lasts were about “Angels and demons”, “Crime Stories in science fiction” or “Future wars”. The current issue presents as new a full English version. You can download it at

    Spanish science fiction news February - Calabazas.Another topic stories magazine is “Calabazas en el trastero” (Pumpkins in the attic), terror specialized, which won Best Magazine 2012 Ignotus Prize (Spanish Hugos). You can already buy the 12th issue, with “Cosmic Terror” as topic, in:

    Spanish science fiction news February - TerBi.TerBi, Bilbao science fiction circle, has edited 4th issue of it´s magazine, which includes several interviews, some articles and the stories from 2012 thematic literary contest (the topic of it was “Inmortality”). You can download at:


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