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    TerBi is monthly science-fiction literary circle, that takes up in Bilbao since 1993. Usually we gather 20-30 persons, and we spend two hours talking about science-fiction. TerBi also organizes twice a year an event with talks and presentations.

    Since last year, TerBi edits a fanzine including stories, interviews and articles. We finish the last issue recently. You can discharge every issues at the TerBi blog:

    Also TerBi organizes a story contest in spanish, about a science-fiction topic. We received about 200 stories in past years. Recently we announced the new edition, and the topic is: “No-return space trip”.

    Past November was released the Alberto Magno Award jury decision. It´s a science-fiction novelettes competition, organized by Science and Technology Faculty of Basque Country University, sited in Lejona (a city near Bilbao). In the 2012 contest there was no award winner – 3.500 € -, and the second – 1.500 € – was to “El laberinto de Kernov” (“Kernov labyrinth”), witten by Antonio J. Cebrián. Also there is an award for Basque Country University members – 1.500 € too -, which was to “El dios caído” (“Fallen god”) written by José Antonio Cotrina.

    Another awards released are Ictineu, for catalan language written science fiction novel and story. The winners were:

    • Best catalan written novel: “La febre del vapor” by Jordi Font-Agusti
    • Best translated novel “IQ84” by Haruki Murakami
    • Best catalan written short story: “Entropia menguant” by Joaquim Casal
    • Best translated short story: “Reunió de la Mancuomunitat de Vëins” by Nestor Dario Figueras

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