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TerBi is monthly science-fiction literary circle, that takes up in Bilbao since 1993. Usually we gather 20-30 persons, and we spend two hours talking about science-fiction. TerBi also organizes twice a year an event with talks and presentations.

Since last year, TerBi edits a fanzine including stories, interviews and articles. We finish the last issue recently. You can discharge every issues at the TerBi blog:

Also TerBi organizes a story contest in spanish, about a science-fiction topic. We received about 200 stories in past years. Recently we announced the new edition, and the topic is: “No-return space trip”.

Past November was released the Alberto Magno Award jury decision. It´s a science-fiction novelettes competition, organized by Science and Technology Faculty of Basque Country University, sited in Lejona (a city near Bilbao). In the 2012 contest there was no award winner – 3.500 € -, and the second – 1.500 € – was to “El laberinto de Kernov” (“Kernov labyrinth”), witten by Antonio J. Cebrián. Also there is an award for Basque Country University members – 1.500 € too -, which was to “El dios caído” (“Fallen god”) written by José Antonio Cotrina.

Another awards released are Ictineu, for catalan language written science fiction novel and story. The winners were:

  • Best catalan written novel: “La febre del vapor” by Jordi Font-Agusti
  • Best translated novel “IQ84” by Haruki Murakami
  • Best catalan written short story: “Entropia menguant” by Joaquim Casal
  • Best translated short story: “Reunió de la Mancuomunitat de Vëins” by Nestor Dario Figueras

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  1. Thanks Womag for adding my cradsue info to your blog. I think we need as many people to call for fiction to return in women’s mags as we can get, whether writers or readers! If we can get enough members to join the Bring Back Fiction in Women’s mags group in face book then the magazine editors might take note!Julie xx

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