Spanish Science Fiction Discussed in a Famed Cultural Radio Program – Ricardo Manzanaro (Spain)

    RNE‘s (Radio Nacional de España/Spanish National Radio) famed cultural radio program “El ojo crítico” (The Critical Eye)  of Juan Carlos Morales, devoted much of one of it’s last issues to Spanish science fiction, interviewing Julián Díez and Fernando Angel Moreno, authors of “History and Anthology of the Spanish Science Fiction”.



    You can listen interview at:

    XXVI th Alberto Magno SF Stories Contest

    AlbertoMagno 26

    The Basque Country University (UPV/EHU) has announced the XXVIth Alberto Magno science fiction stories contest jury´s decision. Alberto Magno (Albertus Magnus) is one of the oldest and most important SF contests in Spanish language.There have been 88 stories, 43 from Spain, and the others from abroad.

    Winning stories were “Horror Vacui” written by Javier Castañeda de la Torre (that imagine a future with a central computer that checks every citizen, preventing crime) and “Deux Hex Machina” written by Carlos Pérez Martín (in a post-apocalyptic world with technology forbidden).

    The first story is available at:

    Ricardo Manzanaro

    Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, a medical doctor and an university professor, is the President of the TerBi Asociación Vasca de CF Fantasía y Terror (TerBi Basque Association of Fantasy & Horror) from Bilbao, Spain. Ricardo has published over forty stories in various media and he’s a contributor to EUROPA SF and Amazing Stories.


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