Slavcon in Bratislava (Slovakia), 28th to 30th of April 2017

    From the 28th to the 30th of April there will be a convention in Bratislava going on: The Slavcon. The location has changed (to Dom kultúry Dúbravka, Saratovská 2/A, 84102 Bratislava, Slovakia), the love for fandom, science-fiction, fantasy and all the nerdy stuff most likely not!


    I have attended the Slavcon several times and it is … well, of course it is in fact a national and not an international convention. But it is not as small as you may imagine: When I have been there, I heard something about 800 guests and I would expect that number of visitors (or even more) again. And by the way, it was pretty much fun, all the friendly fans, a little bit of program you can join nonetheless (I am referring to: Not speaking Slovakian, Slovakians undoubtly will have a lot of intersting panels to explore!), like seeing a concert, going around the fair stands or the medieval camp outside … and of course sozializing!

    [On this photo: Fans from abroad getting an intruduction by a member of the team of Slavcon. Wow, what a great service!]


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