SI.CON, the first speculative fiction own convention from Slovenia: 3-4.11.2012, Celje, Slovenia

    „The first real SF convention after decades of rest”. The slovenian „Star Dust” (Zvezdni Prah) association from Maribor had organized SI.CON, the first slovenian SF convention. „Star Dust” is committed the task to gather all entities, associations, societies and individuals in Slovenia dealing with the speculative arts.
    The Drejček Awards will be given to the best slovenian speculative arts acomplishments.

    A framework for action:
    At the General Convention will be following sets of activities:
    Roundtables on the topic of our dear genres
    Lectures from various topical issues (e-publishing, publishing, the possibility of life in the universe, ethical aspect of immortality etc).
    Presentations of societies and associations
    Workshops (manga drawing, making weapons for LARP…)
    Board games (tournament etc)
    Drejček Slovenian Award in the field of speculative art
    Competition for the Marsovček awards for primary schools
    Sicon collection

    The Organizing Committee is comprising the „Star Dust” (Zvezdni Prah) association members.

    In addition, to the members of the„Star Dust” association, members of the following associations had been invited:
    Tolkien Society of Gil-galad
    Association of F & SF fans Prism
    Slovenian community of fans of anime and manga


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