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SF2 Concatenation: 2018 Summer Issue (UK)


SF2 Concatenation‘s usual large-ish, summer season news page that has sections on film, books and publishing, TV, as well as the season’s forthcoming books listing of new titles (also fantasy and non-fiction) from the major imprints in the British Isles, many of which will soon be available elsewhere.

And then there will be the news page’s science as well as science and SF interface section.

Additionally, there is another in our series by scientists are also SF authors as to their science heroes born in the 20th century (so by-passing Darwin, Einstein etc).

SF2 Concatenation also has a review of this year’s British Eastercon, plus our annual 12-month top box-office SF/F film chart, and annual whimsey from Gaia. All this and some standalone SF/F/H and science & non-fiction book reviews.

Mid-July will see SF2 Concatenation‘s second this year of choices as to the best of last year’s one-page PDF Nature ‘Futures’ SF stories.

Then, once the summer SF convention and science field trip and symposium season is over, in September  SF2 Concatenation will have it’s autumnal edition of news and reviews.

Meanwhile, hopefully you should find something below to tickle your fancy…

SF2 Concatenation

The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the seasonal review of science fact and science fiction.

Formerly the (1987-1997) annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF convention.

Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere’s academic year spring, summer and autumn.

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