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    Squaring the Circle: A Pseudotreatise of Urbogony” – Gheorghe Sasarman

    An excellent initiative, this one of the american lady Rachel Cordasco (SF Signal, Bookishly Witty Blog) to write and to review “new science fiction and fantasy in English translation” on SF Signal. Well done, Rachel, thank you and congratulations. Keep up your good work !

    So, dear European SF&F fans and readers, kindly mention to Rachel all the new science fiction & fantasy english translations that you are aware of !

    “As you may know, I’ve been actively seeking out new science fiction and fantasy in English translation, and reviewing these books here on SF Signal. You may not know, however, that my search for these new releases has lately turned into something of a crusade. After all, I’ve been combing through Edelweiss, lists of new translations, lists of new sci-fi/fantasy titles, and many, many websites, and come up with just a handful of translated sci-fi/fantasy for 2015.

    I’m writing this post, then, for two reasons: first, to make you aware of the sci-fi/fantasy in translation that you CAN get your hands on; and second, to encourage you to read these fascinating stories from a wide variety of coutries and cultures, which will hopefully, in turn, lead to more of these books getting published in the U.S. Our understanding and appreciation of sci-fi and fantasy can’t be complete without a more comprehensive view of their development abroad.

    Polish sci-fi, for instance, necessarily deals with different technological/political/scientific issues than Chinese sci-fi, or Cuban sci-fi. Then again, they also must all tackle the universal questions that sci-fi inevitably invites.

    And wouldn’t you just LOVE to get your hands on, for instance, some Romanian or Finnish sci-fi? I sure would. So without further ado, I bring you sci-fi and fantasy in translation for 2015.” – Rachel Cordasco


    The Last Passenger” by Manel Loureiro (Spain), translated by Andrés Alfaro (Amazon Crossing)

    Marek Huberath_Nest of Worlds

    Nest of Worlds” by Marek S. Huberath (Poland), translated by Michael Kandel (Restless Books)


    The Rabbit Back Literature Society” by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen (Finland), translated by Lola M. Rogers (Pushkin Press)


    The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn” by Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky (Russia), translated by Josh Billings (Melville House)


    The Elven” by Bernhard Hennen (Germany) and James A. Sullivan, translated by Edwin Miles (Amazon Crossing)

     Rachel Cordasco

    „Rachel S. Cordasco has a literary studies Ph.D (which means she’s read a freakin’ TON of books over the years) and has taught American literature and composition. She has also worked as an editorial assistant at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. For most of her reading life, Rachel has shunned anything written after 1920, but she’s finally emerged from her dusty little attic corner and is determined to read at least one new book every other month. Her further determination to write reviews about those books on her blog “Bookishly Witty” is what will hopefully keep her on track. Oh, and Rachel also LOVES embroidery. Just sayin’.”

    Here’s for example three SF novels written by romanian writers :

    Guardian Angel” – George Lazar

    The Light of Man” – Demeter May

    The Male Papers” – Leon Wahl


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