“SF in Translation in 2019” by Rachel S. Cordasco

    In general, speculative fiction in translation (SFT) accounts for a very small fraction of the fiction published in English each year.

    2019 was no exception: 50 books (novels, collections, and anthologies) and 80 short (standalone) works of SFT made their way to Anglophone readers.

    While SFT comes to us from many different languages and nations, some continue to dominate year after year (Japanese, French, and Spanish).

    Japanese SFT made up the largest book-length chunk in 2019 (23.3%), with Chinese (11.6%), and French and German (9.3% each) coming in second and third, respectively.

    Short fiction, however, was dominated by Spanish (22.5%) stories, followed by Chinese (16.3), and Korean (15%).”

    Some relevant European SF&F titles:

    Little Eyes” by Samanta Schweblin, translated by Megan McDowell (Oneworld)

    Mouthful of Birds” by Samanta Schweblin, translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell (Riverhead; Oneworld)

    Doggerland” by Ben Smith

    Everything is Made of Letters” by Sofia Rhei, translated from the Spanish by Sue Burke, James Womack, and the author, with assistance from Ian Whates, Arrate Hidalgo, and Sue Burke (Aqueduct)

    Surrender” by Ray Loriga, translated from the Spanish by Carolina de Robertis (Mariner Books, February 25).

    The Night Circus and Other Stories” by Uršula Kovalyk, translated from the Slovakian by Julia Sherwood and Peter Sherwood (Parthian)

    The Laws of the Skies” by Gregoire Courtois, translated from the French by Rhonda Mullins (Coach House)

    Black Leviathan” by Bernd Perplies, translated from the German by Lucy Van Cleef (Tor Books).

    Daughter from the Dark” by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, translated from the Russian by Julia Meitov Hersey, (Harper Voyager).

    Qualityland” by Marc-Uwe Kling, translated from the German by Jamie Searle Romanelli (Grand Central Publishing)

    The Sweet Indifference of the World” by Peter Stamm, translated from the German by Michael Hofmann (Other Press)

    Shadows of the Short Days” by Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson

    They Will Drown in Their Mother’s Tears” by Johannes Anyuru, translated from the Swedish by Saskia Vogel (Two Lines Press).


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